Addiction Treatment

Using Hypnotherapy

A powerful approach to addiction therapy

We give you a simple plan, the tools you need, and strong support to help you beat any addiction.

An addiction is when your external circumstances are in control of your personality.

To overcome an addiction can be one of the greatest spiritual achievements.

With hypnosis you can achieve your authentic power – allowing you to take back your control over food, sex, alcohol, drugs or whatever addiction is holding you back.

Hypnotherapy allows you to create spiritual growth to become a more powerful person. You begin to take control of your own life and are able to make more positive choices. This is what an addict is unable to do.

With hypnotherapy you are able to understand your addiction at a deeper level as it reveals to you exactly what you must recognize, experience, and heal in yourself to create a life of meaning and happiness instead of a life of persistent struggle, weakness and need.

In your hypnotherapy sessions, you are guided to your own deeper understanding at the subconscious level of mind. This helps you figure out what action steps need to be taken for you to overcome the issue. In between sessions you’ll be given homework and accelerators to help you work with your mind and body to create a life with no addiction.

Focusing on the subconscious mind you can re-wire the response that you have to the sight, smell and thought about your addiction. Allowing your mind to trigger an entirely new feeling. -Adrian Rusin

Our Approach

We use effective mind-body tools and techniques focusing on the root cause of addiction, both in the beginning stages and in the recovery process. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, sex, sugar, work, nicotine, gambling, or your phone. We can help you change your addictive patterns. Stop cravings and become a healthier person.

Addictions we treat:
Alcohol addiction
Caffeine addiction
Drug addiction
Exercise addiction
Food addiction
Gambling addiction
Internet addiction
Nail biting addiction
Nail biting addiction
Prescription drug addiction
Sex addiction
Shopping addiction
Skin picking addiction
Smoking addiction
Social media addiction
Sugar addiction
Washing hands addiction

Symptoms of Addiction

Feeling out of control
Person takes a substance or performs an act and they cannot stop
Mood swings, cravings, anger, inability to focus, depression, frustration, resentment
Digestive upset, constipation and diarrhea
Violent behavior
Trembling or seizures
Secluding self, giving up activities and choosing to not be around friends and family because the substance will not be available
Secluding self, giving up activities and choosing to not be around friends and family because the substance will not be available
Spending an abundance of time and money to get their addictive substance
Financial problems
Relationship issues

Let’s Work Together

Start with an introductory consultation, meet your therapist and together create a program specifically for you.
Address the root cause of addiction for faster, lasting results.
Length of program varies from person to person. Clients typically reach their goals in 4-8 sessions.
Partake in accelerator assignments in between each session.
Enjoy support audios sent to your email to keep you on track, motivated and stress free.
Email your therapist anytime with questions for additional support.

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