Hypnosis is an effective tool both in the beginning stages of addiction and in the recovery process. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, sex, sugar, work, nicotine, gambling, or your phone. We can help you change your addictive patterns. Stop cravings and become a healthier person.


Hypnosis can re-wire the response that your subconscious mind has to the sight, smell and thought about your addiction. Allowing your mind to trigger an entirely new feeling.


Addictions We Treat
Symptoms of Addiction

What is addiction

An addiction is when a person becomes dependent on a specific thing or behavior. Most often people who become addicts to something have no control over what they are taking or doing. The addiction could eventually become harmful mentally and physically, which is why it is so important to address the addiction once it is realized and the addict is ready to let it go. Being an addict can feel like a roller coaster of emotions, constantly seeking a balanced or normal state again. It is a brutal cycle that can be easily overcome by the use of hypnosis.

What causes addiction

Negative emotion molecules and the feelings they cause  lead to addictions. Our trapped emotions and our negative emotional baggage causes you to feel a certain way which triggers you to react through your addictions. Your past experiences is not who you are. With hypnosis we help you create a new self by replacing negative emotional molecules with positive emotional molecules.

Hypnosis for addiction

]The type of hypnosis treatment a person receives will depend on the individual and their addiction. No single treatment is appropriate for all individuals. Hypnotherapy can be useful during the post withdrawal phase of treatment. The most challenging time of recovery is often avoiding the addiction after the initial treatment period. Hypnotherapy is used to reinforce positive changes to break the addiction once and for all. Hypnotherapy will help an individual to learn new behavior and form new beliefs to live joyfully without the addiction.

We can help

If you know you are an addict or are possibly developing an addiction, hypnotherapy can help you overcome the addiction and can allow you to take control of your life. Contact us today and free yourself from addiction.

It is important to speak with your doctor before trying alternative approaches to your treatment of any medical issue. If you feel any pain or discomfort you must seek medical attention first and foremost! A reputable hypnotherapist will always ask if you’ve seen a doctor and what his diagnosis are regarding any conditions you may have. We like to work in conjunction with the medical community to make sure our clients have a fully balanced lifestyle, in mind, body and spirit.

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