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What Is Hypnosis Used For


What is Hypnosis Used for? Your roadmap to results with hypnotherapy I'm going to break barriers and be bold You are 100 Percent Responsible for Your Life! It’s not your age, the economy, your parents, your partner or family. It’s not your boss or school, the government or society. You are responsible for [...]

What Is Hypnosis Used For2020-01-16T05:21:00-05:00

Reasons to Try Hypnosis


3 Reasons You Should Try Hypnosis People that have tried hypnosis reported astounding positive effects like discovering their purpose in life, overcame physical and mental sickness and uncovered the truth of the universe and creation. Hypnosis is not just a tool to use to lose weight, quit smoking or overcome anxiety and stop [...]

Reasons to Try Hypnosis2020-05-05T14:40:29-04:00

50% of Your Memory is Not Real


When you have strong emotions in life linked to high stress events like disloyalty, infidelity, shock, pain or suffering you create a specific chemistry in your body, and you trick your mind into focusing on the significance of your outside world. You capture the high [...]

50% of Your Memory is Not Real2020-05-05T14:17:56-04:00

Hypnosis – not a magic pill


Let's get real - Hypnosis is not a magic pill! As I go through the many emails I receive from clients and students, I noticed a common question amongst everyone. It seems like everyone wants to know if there are certain hypnosis techniques or self-hypnosis audios one can use like a pill, or a [...]

Hypnosis – not a magic pill2020-05-05T14:39:45-04:00

3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage


Is your marriage in need of repair? Here are 3 simple ways to strengthen your marriage and get the most from your partner. Are you worried about the fate of your marriage? Do you and your partner argue frequently? Does your partner seem to ignore your [...]

3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage2020-08-14T16:02:00-04:00

Why Past Life Regression Will Make You Question Everything


The ancient traditions and methods of bringing about positive changes to mind, body and soul are becoming accepted practices once again. Science and psychology are now proving that these old methods of healing and tapping into our raw human potential are [...]

Why Past Life Regression Will Make You Question Everything2020-05-05T14:36:10-04:00

The Secret to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking


Joe Crushed His Fear of Public Speaking and Presented in Front of 300 Peers April 2018. Joe managed his fear of public speaking by finding every excuse not to do it. But in March 2018, when the CEO of [...]

The Secret to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking2020-05-05T15:01:05-04:00

Learn The Truth About Weight Loss


This was the last email I received from my latest weight loss client. With permission to publish and for privacy issues, we’ll call her Claire. “Half the time I feel like I’m sleepwalking, the other half of the time I feel like I’m running a [...]

Learn The Truth About Weight Loss2020-05-05T15:03:06-04:00

What really happens when you see a hypnotist


Why you NEED to have a consultation first and more... Get the quick facts about what really happens at UAE Hypnosis. What is it like to be in Hypnosis? The only way to really understand hypnosis is to experience it for yourself. Hypnosis can’t possibly be understood [...]

What really happens when you see a hypnotist2020-05-05T15:04:13-04:00

What is Past Life Regression and How Does it Work?


What is past life regression? Past life regression is the journey back to a previous lifetime through your subconscious mind. This happens while you are in a safe, relaxed hypnotic and meditative state. Your subconscious will choose which past life to project and I will guide [...]

What is Past Life Regression and How Does it Work?2020-05-05T15:12:57-04:00