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sedona event


Price: $1000
Seats Available: 30
Date: Every Sat. and Sun. May 2019
Location: Online Course

sedona event


Price: $1500
Seats Available: 30
Date: June 01 – June 08 2019
Location: Hilton Sedona Resort | Sedona, Arizona


This breakthrough workshop is based upon the 8 week hypnotherapy program created by Adrian Rusin using the Hyplife method of hypnotherapy. Students learn the science, knowledge, tools and techniques on how to make breakthrough changes in their life.

The goal of this workshop is for the student to learn and become adept in the power of their own internal resources for healing, creativity and manifestation.

Each day students are guided step by step on how to release energy stored in the body in the form of negative, self-limiting thoughts, unconscious habits, and programmed emotions. Students are taught self-hypnosis techniques to transform behaviors and strengthen new neural connections in the brain to create a healthier, more balanced mind, body and future. Learning how to connect directly to the subconscious and superconscious mind, students are able to achieve lifelong goals and overcome obstacles.

Adrian has had hundreds of people from around the world apply the principles of the Hyplife hypnotherapy method in his private practice and his breakthrough workshops with amazing results!

This breakthrough workshop will take you out of your comfort zone and help you reach beyond your limitations.  You’ll finally free yourself from the programs that have been holding you back keeping you stuck, scared and sick.

For 7 days you’ll be changing your familiar routine so you can create a new reality.

Open your mind to exciting new potentials, beliefs and be prepared for the unknown.

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