Learn The Truth About Weight Loss


UAE HYPNOSIS This was the last email I received from my latest weight loss client. With permission to publish and for privacy issues, we’ll call her Claire. “Half the time I feel like I’m sleepwalking, the other half of the time I feel like [...]

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What really happens when you see a hypnotist


UAE HYPNOSIS Why you NEED to have a consultation first and more... Get the quick facts about what really happens at UAE Hypnosis. What is it like to be in Hypnosis? The only way to really understand hypnosis is to experience it for yourself. Hypnosis can’t [...]

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Money – Hypnotherapy Saving Thousands in Patient Care


UAE HYPNOSIS According to a 2008 review article in the journal Nature, “there is an emerging body of evidence that hypnotherapy is clinically effective for the treatment of IBS.” Several well-designed studies have shown long-term benefits for patients, including reductions of abdominal pain, anxiety and depression, [...]

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How Your Thoughts Control Your Genes


UAE HYPNOSIS My wife is currently attending medical school in NY learning about genetics and DNA.  Much to our surprise Universities are still promoting to our future medical professionals that genes are programs that control our lives.  Basically we are being taught the old medical theories [...]

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How to Become the MacGyver of Memory


UAE HYPNOSIS A great memory is not a gift that some people are lucky to be born with.  Having a great memory is a learned skill anyone can achieve. The more childlike you allow your imagination to be, the more successful you will become at mastering [...]

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Shocking Ways Anxiety Is Good For You


UAE HYPNOSIS Healthy anxiety helps to keep our own emotions under control and to deal with difficult or dangerous situations in a more efficient manner. It involves caution and awareness and prevents potential danger. Unhealthy anxiety has consequences leading to loss of self-control and the ability [...]

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Business Success with Hypnosis


UAE HYPNOSIS 10+ Reasons and Benefits of Working With Hypnosis For Business Success Learn how Hypnosis can greatly benefit your money, business, career, happiness and health. You will be better understood Learn how to express your intentions clearly, easily influence others, be more respected and value yourself better. Studies [...]

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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis


UAE HYPNOSIS We are facing an epidemic of unhealthy living. According to Gulf News, 25%-30% of United Arab Emirates residents are smokers. That means there are roughly 2.5 million adult smokers in the UAE. Wouldn’t you think that 50 years after the U.S. surgeon general report [...]

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Stopping Negative Thinking


UAE HYPNOSIS One of the worst forms of human suffering is depression and anxiety. Every so often people can fall into black holes and overwhelming feelings of inferiority, sadness, and self-doubt. I have had clients tell me that they wish that they could develop a disease [...]

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Lose Half Your Weight with Hypnosis


UAE HYPNOSIS They say losing weight is easy, just eat less and exercise more. Seems like a reasonable statement.  If you burn more calories than you eat then you should lose weight right? Well, that’s not exactly the whole story. That is how weight loss occurs if you’re a rat [...]

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