Here’s What You Can Do:

Accomplish more in less time and be more creative

Liberate yourself from past conditioning and destructive patterns

Reprogram your subconscious mind for health and prosperity thinking

Transform your physical reality by changing your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions

Align yourself with the source of all possibilities to fulfill your hearts desires

State of the art binaural beat technology synchronize with Adrian’s guided hypnosis. Start your journey to a powerful new connection to source and expand your consciousness with Create Your Day. Experience a limitless new life.

About The Create Your Day Hypnosis Audio

Designed by Adrian Rusin

1. Introduction – Create Your Day (1:59)
2. Hypnosis Audio – Create Your Day (21:02)

Run Time: 23 Minutes

This is a very unique self-hypnosis experience. It’s based upon the knowledge and ancient wisdom of mind that has been held secret for hundreds of years. I’ve had a special teacher who has taught me how to use the mind to manifest and through his teachings this experience exists for you. I invite you to take part in this quick and effective daily exercise – it’s where everything changes. When you only have a few minutes to get centered, connected and energized you must be very effective in the images, thoughts and emotions that you choose. This audio is designed to shift your consciousness so you can prepare mentally and emotionally for the day.

You create a vision of your future and goals – then step into that design both physically and mentally, turning them into real life experiences. Naturally the way you think and feel changes and with practice the vision you create at the start of your day stimulates high emotion and energy. From this you create your reality.

You easily move to a greater level of awareness with more power, drive and intention. Everything you intend becomes much more potent as you become connected to the field of infinite possibility, the superconscious, the divine flowing in and all around you.

Hypnotherapy Dubai with Adrian Rusin

Listen to what Adrian says about his work with hypnosis, client success and how you can benefit.

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Clients Are Saying:

“I want to thank Dr. Rusin from my heart. This hypnosis audio resonated with me 100%. It’s a wonderful, amazing experience and I look forward to creating my day! I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life and for the first time I’m happy and peaceful and am reaching my goals – Big Goals! I can literally feel the joy and energy radiating out of my body. Because of its simplicity coupled with the powerful guidance and music I will continue to listen to this audio every day. I just look forward to it!”

– Ava De Luca

“Creating Your Day has helped me grasp the dream of owning my own business. As a stay at home mom with not too much spare time, the audio was a perfect length and gave me just enough time to myself to start my day off right. The audio brought me to a space where creativity flows easy and I am overflowing with amazing ideas. Unexpected opportunities have opened lucrative doors for me. Because I start my day  with this hypnosis audio, it puts me in the right state of mind. I’m focused, happy and driven to be the best I can be.”

– Cristina Peters

“I’m attracting so much positive into my life now.  I no longer let the ideas and beliefs of others around me be the only voice I hear.  I’m calm, focused and excited to see what each new day brings.”

– Patrick Keene

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