A Whole Mind-Body Approach to Healthy Living

Health & Vitality for Everyone, Everywhere

Using the innovative HypLife™ mind-body methods, we create customized therapy programs that fully unite all the fundamental modalities for healthy, lasting transformation. Putting you in charge and teaching you how to heal yourself, from the inside out.

Our 4 Areas of Focus:
1. Psychological | Mind
How you think, make decisions, your beliefs and perceptions.
2. Biological | Brain and Body
How your physical body functions. Focusing on brain health.
3. Social | Connection
Your relationships, family and social support
4. Spiritual | Soul
Your sense of purpose and connecting to the quantum field.

Therapy Methods Created by Experts

Psychology, Medicine, Nutrition, Kinesiology.

Adrian Rusin – CMS-CHt, Master NLP Practitioner, Founder and Developer of HypLife™

With collaboration from the The United States Department of Veterans Affairs Psychiatry Department and Amanda Bell licensed Nutritionist and Kinesiologist.

With HypLife™ You Can
Lose Weight & Be a Healthier Person
Stop Anxiety & Depression, Find Peace
Quit Smoking & Other Negative Behaviors

This is a hypnotherapy program customized for you and your specific goals

With HypLife™ , Adrian Rusin, CMS-CHt, offers a step-by-step plan designed to help you naturally balance your body, brain, mind and spirit. You’ll learn what is really draining your life and causing you problems. You’ll receive private hypnotherapy and exclusive coaching sessions to reprogram your mind and create new neural networks in your brain. Learn how to heal and free your energy centers. Start to experience more restful sleep and balanced circadian rhythms bringing you more energy. Receive clinically proven nutrition tips, mind-body tools for behavior change, breathing techniques and proven mindfulness strategies.

HypLife™  was created by a multidisciplinary group of professionals that wanted a program addressing every aspect of patient health. Because people aren’t parts they are whole, and there needed to be a program to treat the whole person.

By the end of your program you will have lowered your stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, and increased the level of feel-good neurotransmitters, GABA and serotonin. You will have a more balanced sleep-wake cycle, increased energy, healthier weight, be clear of addictive cravings and negative behavior patterns. You will enjoy a new motivation for life, healthy relationships, a sharp focused mind and endless creativity.

Program Outline | We address the following in detail:
Psychological (Mind)
How you think, make decisions, your beliefs and perceptions.
Discover root cause of any issue you are experiencing
Shift and reprogram thoughts, beliefs and perceptions
Change negative behavior patterns
Learn relaxation therapy, self-hypnosis and mindfulness
Cure yourself of the fear of failure and create a plan for success
Biological (Body & Brain)
How your physical body functions. Focusing on brain health.
Create new neural pathways in your brain
Balance blood sugar, end cravings and addictions
Lose weight
Balance hormones and neurotransmitters in brain and body
Balance energy centers and sleep-wake cycle
Spiritual (Soul)
Your sense of purpose, belief in something greater than yourself
Discover your life purpose
Reconnect with your purpose
Use goals to help you grow and build confidence
Social (Connection)
Your relationships, family and social support
Improve current relationships
Create new relationships
Let go of relationships that don’t serve you

Set Your Goals High Then Exceed Them

We have reviewed all research and found the most clinically effective, natural way to help our clients and patients. In addition to understanding the root cause of your issues through our program you’ll learn how thoughts and chemical stability affect your mood and overall health and partake in a total mind-body solution.

When you balance your whole self, you experience numerous rewards. You have more energy, sleep more soundly and wake-up fully rested. You’ll be at a weight you are proud of and be a happier, healthier more in-control person with more success in your career and relationships.

We look forward to helping you achieve a better future, becoming the best version of yourself.

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