We have created a more effective treatment modality that includes all aspects of the human life experience. 

This is not traditional talk therapy. Hypnosis helps you discover the underlying causes of your issues like anxiety, depression, addictions, anger, shame, and fears. Healing is remembering who you truly are – It is a deeper spiritual wisdom within your core. We help you reconnect to your core in the areas of your consciousness where you have become disconnected.

You are your own healer, you are powerful. Understand that only you can heal yourself. You are completely capable of that and we can show you how.

We’ll help you create a life filled with desire, purpose, and value. As you work through what no longer serves you, you’ll create a better life. We don’t change who you are, we help you become your best self, peaceful, healthy, prosperous and joyful.

Each person has a specific personal treatment plan based on his own unique needs.

With UAE Hypnosis, there is no general procedure, everyone is treated as an individual.

The treatment plan is focused on healing the person in mind, body and spirit. We have found that when working with the client in this focused way, the healing is more rooted and profound. It has become obvious that there is no limit to our health, dreams and goal achievement. Once our clients start a hypnotherapy treatment plan, the mind expands and an inner wisdom is activated. A great adventure begins and a fuller life is experienced.


Find out how hypnosis can help you.