Many people wonder how hypnosis works. 

To be in hypnosis is to be connected with higher source. Some call higher source God, nature, universal intelligence, or the source field. Hypnosis allows miracles to take place and healing to occur. Hypnosis generates ideas, inventions, stories, relationships and new lives. So let us give you a quick explanation as to what hypnosis is and how hypnosis works.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind. When you are in hypnosis you relax your critical factor so selective thinking can be established.

Hypnosis allows you to activate your inner resources to support healing and goal achievement.

Who Can Be Hypnotized?

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy, and hypnosis can be achieve by any person. While in hypnosis you are always in complete control. This means you can take yourself out of hypnosis at anytime for any reason. You always have total control of your thoughts, actions and words.

During a hypnotherapy session your hypnotherapist will guide you into the theta brain wave state. Theta is where hypnosis occurs and memories can be accessed. Beta is a deeper brain wave state, a state of very deep relaxation, sometimes hypnosis occurs in beta as well. However, in beta, you are not sleeping. Sleep occurs while resonating in the delta brain wave state.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like And What Is An Altered State?

Many people say they feel more aware and can easily focus while in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a way for people to get answers and results from a higher source quickly and efficiently.

Hypnosis allows you to enter an altered state of mind. An altered state of mind is any time your awareness wanders away. It is when you leave your analytical mind and enter your subconscious mind. Time is often said to be distorted while in hypnosis. Many clients say that a 90 minute session can feel like 30 minutes. It’s kind of like a daydream, where one becomes actively imaginative. While using the imagination, emotional shifts can occur in the mind-body. Hypnosis can also be related to watching a movie. When movie watching you may become so focused on the story that you feel real emotion. You may begin to laugh or cry, depending on your perception of the story. Another example of slipping into an altered state of consciousness is when you are driving. Perhaps your drive home seemed short because you were so focused on the thoughts running through your head. It could feel like all of a sudden you were home and you were questioning where the time went.

Hypnosis has been described as feeling like an extraordinary mental, emotional and physical state of relaxation.

Can You Be Made To Do Something You Don’t Want To Do?

No. As I stated previously, you are in complete control over your self. You can make choices during hypnosis. This means you will never say or do anything that is not comfortable for you. Many of the misconceptions of hypnosis come from Hollywood. You will never be influenced to do or say anything against your will or that you don’t believe in. This idea is simply a misconception that has made millions for the movies and entertainment business. Real hypnotherapy puts you in control. Proper hypnotherapy allows you to heal and achieve in the most natural, peaceful way possible.

How Do We Communicate With The Subconscious Mind?

The critical factor (see illustration below) acts like a filter to the subconscious mind. When in a normal conscious state of awareness the critical factor acts like a wall not letting any information to pass through. However, while in hypnosis the critical factor acts like a filter. When in hypnosis, the critical factor can easily allow information that enters the conscious mind to flow into the subconscious mind.

How the mind works

When the critical factor is active during hypnosis positive suggestion becomes a powerful tool of transformation. Suggestions like “more and more now you body radiates health and energy” is accepted as truth to the subconscious. This is how change can take place.

How Can I Reach My Goals?

Reach your goals, overcome fears, and improve your health with selective thinking. Selective thinking is effortless focus on a single thing. The activation of selective thinking during hypnosis is how goals are reached and creative ideas appear. People are able to more easily find the answers to questions. Inventions and stories are created and the infamous “aha moments” occur. Selective thinking is focusing on your goal.

How Can We Help You?

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