How Your Thoughts Control Your Genes

My wife attended medical school in NY learning about genetics and DNA.  Much to our surprise Universities are still promoting to our future medical professionals that genes are programs that control our lives.  Basically we are being taught the old medical theories of how we are controlled by our genes and that our fate relies on our genetic makeup.

This is false, new science show us we are in control!

Science today shows that our genes are actually controlled by our environment and how we perceive our environment to be.  Your body is made up of trillions of cells and each one of those individual cells is a unique part of your whole being taking commands from your higher mind, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.  If your mind, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions support a negative environment, blocking growth, joy and vitality from occurring, then illness begins to form in the body.  Truth be told, when we change our perceptions we change how our DNA functions and develops.

You are not born with a programmed gene that insists upon you becoming a victim of cancer.  The cancer is created when you respond to your environment in a specific negative way, whether that be conscious or unconscious. This new inspiring science is called Behavioral Epigenetics.

How does Behavioral Epigenetics actually work?

Well to simplify this science and how it applies to our bodies and health, understand that our bodies are cells that are made out of proteins.  Our bodies are physically made out of trillions of protein molecules.  Proteins are made from our DNA which is the blueprint to our body.   Our bodies are crafted from thousands of different kinds of proteins with different shapes and structures and they all have one thing in common.  Proteins are capable of changing shape.  This is quite magical! Once a protein receives stimulus from the environment (such as panic, fear, stress, sadness, happiness, joy, excitement, hot, cold or love) the shape of our proteins is manipulated.  The moving, changing protein is also a moving, changing person.  Examples of the changing person would be (elevated heart rate, muscle contraction, growth, development, health.) Basically, a joyful thought can be transformed into a healthy body by manipulating the shapes of our proteins that make up our physical bodies.

So thoughts can create and re-create our physical body?

Yes!  There have even been scientific studies showing how people with multiple personalities (known today as dissociative identity disorder) have control over multiple biological manifestations such as eye color and even allergic reactions to foods.  For example, person A will have blue eyes but when he becomes person B his eyes will turn brown.  Another case presents a person who is completely allergy free, but when they become person B they have life threatening allergic reactions to strawberries. Also, scars, burn marks and cysts can come and go depending on the personality of the person at the time. it’s not miraculous or unbelievable for these studies to be finding such evidence.  It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.


How does the stimulus of a joyful or fearful feeling reach our proteins and allow it to change shape?

The nervous system is the bridge between our thoughts and our physical experience. The nervous system reads the environmental signals around us and translates those signals into biological information sent to the cells in the form of things like hormones which are received from receptors in the membrane around the cell. These receptors deliver the signal into the cell and cause the proteins to move.  This generates an experience such as your digestion or your breathing.

How does this explain illness?

Today’s science proves that it’s the environment that activates those dormant behaviors of the gene.  The gene does not activate itself.

To have a better understanding of this whole process you can research Signal Transduction.

Things like stress, negative thinking and destructive beliefs activate the chemistry that activates dormant illness in our DNA.

How can you prevent illness?

The American Psychological Association states that up to 90% of medical visits are due to stress.

You must be in a healthy, harmonious environment to stimulate a healthy response in the body.
The negative programs running on autopilot that are creating your life experience on all levels must be transformed so you have more positive than negative programs dictating your life.

Change your environment with healthy thoughts and healthy foods.

How do you change your programming?

Since your programming exists in your subconscious mind, hypnosis is the most powerful tool to access these programs.

There is a filter in your mind called the critical faculty.  It is the filter between your conscious, analytical mind and your subconscious, higher mind.  Hypnosis relaxes the critical faculty of your mind so you can get into the subconscious mind and create the change you seek.  Once inside the subconscious mind, hypnosis techniques can be used to find the root cause of illness, negative patterns and limiting beliefs.  With the proper guidance and skill anyone can create miraculous change in their life.

This is where I come in.  My passion for the practice of  hypnotherapy and my years of research on the mind and body have inspired me to become an expert helping everyday people reprogram their mind to build a healthier life.

Hypnotherapy can literally direct how your cells to grow.  Cells see what the mind thinks.
So change your thoughts to change your health!


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