Stopping Smoking AddictionYou know it’s not great for your health, but you do it anyways. Why? Because it Feels good!

You react to the craving and cave into the voice inside your head that says “it’s ok to light up the cigarette again.” Because you’re feeling stressed, anxious, sad, depressed, frustrated, angry, or guilty.

If the same friends, co-workers, enemies, family members, places and things in your life produce the same negative feelings, your going to try and find new people, places and things so that you change the way you feel. But if that doesn’t work, you’re most likely to form an addiction.

In this case the addiction is Smoking. But whatever the addiction is; shopping, sex, alcohol, whatever, it’s occurring because people are believing that something outside themselves is going to make the negative internal feeling go away.People have a tendency to associate external things that makes negative feelings go away, like smoking cigarettes, with their internal chemical change. You like smoking cigarettes because it feels good, it brings you comfort and pleasure.

As the enjoyment of the smoking addiction repeatedly stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain, a person gets flooded with chemicals from experiencing joy. But when a person continues to smoke and consume the nicotine, they need just a little bit more the next time they indulge.

The reason why people need more nicotine and need to smoke is because of the chemical rush that’s created that activates the receptor cites of their cells, activating the cells. However, when the cells are constantly being stimulated and activated, they become desensitized and deactivate. So now the cells need more stimulation to activate. Over time, people become addicted to smoking to relieve themselves of the anxiety, pain or depression they live with daily.

If this sounds like you, know it’s not that you’re wrong. People fall into this vicious cycle because they don’t know how to change their internal world. They don’t understand that they are just drifting through life following their inner drives for relief from feelings. The feelings that come from the thoughts and beliefs of the subconscious mind. This model of relief doesn’t fix anything, it just makes this worse. We have to stop relying on the outer world to fix the inner world.

If you are thinking and acting in ways that once you give into your addiction, then you will feel happy, you’ve got it all wrong. You have to become happy first.

It’s important to understand that behind the mask of smoking, and all other addictions, there is a learned and memorized feeling that is influencing the behavior of the addiction. If you want to break the addiction you have to confront inner yourself, your real self.

With hypnotherapy you can connect and work with the root of your personality and fully understand why you think, act and feel the way you do. While in hypnosis, you work privately in your own mind to forgive and replace the negative parts of yourself, so you are more positive and creative. You’ll let go of the past events causing the emotions you’ve learned to feel.

With hypnosis you’ll be going into the subconscious mind to locate events, perceptions and beliefs so that you can for the first time understand where all your thoughts and urges come from. You’ll learn to break the attachments from the past and free yourself from unconscious decision making. You’ll be aware for the first time and you’ll start to make better, healthier, wiser decisions. You’ll have more energy to create a new life because you’ll have liberated yourself emotionally and released the negative energy holding you back.


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