We live in an extraordinary time with an abundance of discoveries and breakthroughs in science, medicine and consciousness are evolving quickly. Our world today is where everything is possible and few things are impossible.

Conventional medicine is being challenged and drugs are not our only option. Century old techniques like hypnosis are exposing how we can be masters of our own health, life and happiness. Because conventional medicine considered hypnosis controversial there was a spark of worldwide studies to investigate hypnosis. Remarkable results are now proving that hypnotherapy is a key tool for health and wellness.

Old Science Says

Old Conventional Science accepts that everything is based on physical reality and everything is made from matter. That the body is a machine made from DNA and chemicals and that all you have to do is manipulate the DNA and chemicals to fix the machine. Old science believed that your genetic makeup controlled your physical, structural, behavioral and emotional traits. Old medicine thought you were a victim of your genes. Well… its’ just not true.

New Science Says

I’m sure you’ve heard of these new sciences. They are called Epigenetics and Quantum Physics. American Environmental Stem Cell Biologist and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, Dr. Bruce Lipton is one of the pioneers in Epigenetics proving that our environment is what shapes us. He conducted a stem cell study where he set a single stem cell into a culture dish and separated it in equal halves every ten hours. Within fourteen days thousands of genetically identical cells generated in the dish, all coming from the same original cell. He then divided the cells and injected them into three new and different culture dishes. Next he changed each cultures environment. In dish one the cells became bone. In dish two the cells grew into muscle. In dish three the cells became fat. This confirmed that genes did not control the fate of the cells. Remember they all came from the same originating gene.  What controlled the fate of the cells was the environment they were exposed to. Dr. Bruce Lipton also has proved that if cells are exposed to a healthy environment they become healthy. If cells are exposed to an unhealthy environment they become unhealthy. The same goes for humans, after all we are made of cells. The scientists behind Quantum Physics believe that the Universe is made from energy and that everything we see that is matter is made from energy. The key to this new science is that it includes an invisible force that weaves itself with the energy that everything is made from. This includes the energy of you and me. So when it comes to health with the new science, we are not just looking at the body. With tools like hypnosis we are looking at a person’s health by their perceptions of the world, how they view their relationships, career and family.  How they feel about what is happening in the world and the environment they are exposed to. Everything we perceive in life affects our health. Hypnotherapy has become the groundbreaking tool of health for the new generation.

“Research now shows your health is not dictated by your genes after all – You are not a victim of your genes.”

Hypnotherapy – The New “Old” Medicine

Hypnotherapy has been around for thousands of years and masters use it to address the mind, body and soul as a dynamic system. It works from the belief that if you affect any one part of this mind, body, soul system, you subsequently affect the rest of the system. Hypnotherapy takes a holistic approach to medicine. You no longer must alter your body physically to make changes. You can treat yourself effectively with the power of your mind and hypnotherapy.

“There are many reasons why hypnotherapy is becoming so popular today. It’s tremendously effective, affordable, gentle, non-invasive, and has no negative side-effects.”

Fact – Your Thoughts Control Your Body

We are human and we have our limits when it comes to pressure and meeting expectations. Excessive pressure leads us to think in negative ways. Activating the sympathetic nervous system and feeling emotionally drained, stressed, depressed, anxious, sad and frustrated. This is not good! These undesirable thinking patterns result in us feeling negative and when we feel negative we release neuro-chemicals in the brain that act on the body and we become chemically imbalanced. When our body is not balanced, it cannot function properly. One result of this imbalance is that the organs in our body are unable to communicate. This causes not only anxiety, depression and tiredness but also things like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. But there’s good news. Positive thinking patterns allow us to feel energized, happy, motivated and peaceful. These are the feelings that activate good neuro-chemicals in the body keeping us balanced in mind body and soul. When our mind, body and soul are balanced so is our life. We become energetically balanced and we harmonize at the frequency of joy, love, peace, success, creativity, health, abundance and life. This is when people experience miracles and create lives they thought only existed in their dreams.

Positive Thinking and Visualization – Wait – There’s More to It

So you may have heard just think positive and positive things will happen. Or you may have heard that if you make a vision board your dreams will manifest. Well this is true, but there are some additional steps that need to happen for all this to work. Most of the time when clients come for hypnotherapy, they come because they want to change their life for the better in some way.  But you can’t just think positive if the reason you feel negative is not dealt with first. While in hypnosis you connect with your subconscious and super-conscious mind to understand what is holding you back in life. You are guided and discover what events lead to your belief system causing you to feel the way you do. Once you discover the event you are guided to confront it, forgive it, and just let it go so it doesn’t control you anymore. Once that part is done and you’ve processed all the negative emotions then there is room for all that positive affirmation and creative visualization stuff. Because you can’t truthfully say “I feel great” when you feel like strangling your boss. And you can’t force a vision of a dream partner to magically appear when you don’t love yourself. Hypnotherapy helps you see what you normally would not be able to see. Hypnotherapy helps you get past the hard stuff in life quickly and easily so you have more time for fun.

Why Not Just Meditate?

I am a strong believer in the healing power of meditation. However, I have many clients who come to me who have been avid meditators their whole life. I have clients who have studied with popular gurus from around the world but they are feeling as if meditation is too superficial, numbing their issue. I had one client tell me that meditation was like drinking a glass of wine. It made her feel calm and happy for a short while, then all the negative thoughts returned. So why is this? Meditation allows you to achieve a state of relaxation and your brain waves resonate in alpha, a moderate relaxation state. This is different from how your brain waves resonate during your normal analytical day in beta, a state where you are criticizing, making decisions and evaluating situations. Delta brainwaves occur when you are asleep. However, when you’re in meditation you can easily relax the mind and let go of the days stresses. But meditation doesn’t process issues that may come up. This is where hypnotherapy is most different. In hypnosis you activate theta brain waves which is the deepest relaxation before sleep. In hypnosis you don’t ignore the stuff that’s bothering you, you fully process it, and create a new program for the mind to function in a better, more positive efficient way. With hypnosis you clear out the clutter that’s draining your energy and make room for new and improved experiences to occur.

“In hypnosis you don’t ignore the stuff that’s bothering you, you fully process it, and create a new program for the mind to function in a better, more positive efficient way.”

You Create Your Own Reality

You see it’s the stories we tell ourselves that create our reality. It’s what we choose to believe about the world around us and how we allow our environment to governor our thoughts, feelings and reactions. Luckily, we are well equipped with a mind that we have complete control over. You are the master of your world. You have the power to choose, monitor and change your thoughts at any moment. Yes, I’m saying you can literally change your life right this very minute with the use of hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy, once you have discovered and processed your limiting beliefs, you can reprogram the mind from negative thinking habits to positive thinking habits. Communicating with your subconscious and super-conscious mind allows you to explore your core beliefs that you may be unaware of at a conscious level. These core beliefs are what your reality is created from. You can create a new more powerful, positive, healthy, happy and energetic belief system with the use of hypnotherapy.

“You can literally change your life right this very minute with the use of hypnotherapy.”


You Are Connected

To overcome negative thinking one can work with a professional certified hypnotherapist. When properly trained and with experience he can guide you to understand where your thoughts are coming from. A professional hypnotherapist can help you navigate your mind and find the root cause of your issues through simple verbal instruction. You are always in control, you are never asleep and the hypnotherapist cannot make you say or do anything that you don’t want… so stop worrying! As a matter of fact, clients often report feeling a heightened sense of awareness. Allowing them to experience a sharp increase in their senses and a calming, yet distorted feeling of time. Also, it is important to note that hypnotherapy is not talk therapy and a hypnotherapist will not give you advice. With hypnotherapy you become connected to your wise, higher self. The answers you seek are accessible to you in your subconscious mind waiting for you to be ready to find them.

“Hypnotherapy is not talk therapy and a hypnotherapist will not give you advice.”

The Future of Hypnotherapy

A few years ago my hypnotherapy practice in Dubai and Abu Dhabi grew exponentially as word about hypnotherapy spread and the stress of life increased on the people living and working in the UAE. Word spread and I became internationally known receiving requests from people worldwide to help them achieve their biggest dreams and overcome their biggest obstacles.

“Because the request for hypnotherapy was becoming so great and the distance to help was increasing I decided to create special techniques for tele-hypnosis allowing me to effectively work online.”

Because the request for hypnotherapy was becoming so great and the request for training worldwide grew – so did the distance of my clientele. The need to help was increasing so I decided to create special techniques for tele-hypnosis allowing me to effectively work online. Today I conduct about 80 sessions per month on Skype, Vsee and other video chat tools. Clients worldwide are receiving the same benefits of hypnotherapy in the office, now in the comfort of their own home or office. It’s great for people who travel a lot for work. I have a few top athletes who travel for major tournaments that call me from their hotel room the night before the big match to help them get in top mental shape. When I was teaching tele-hypnosis to my students in the United States this summer I got a call from Brazil for an emergency session. The client ended up taking home the gold in the Rio Olympics using tele-hypnosis techniques in a 90 minute online session.

“In hypnosis you can travel thousands of miles in about two seconds.”

With the techniques I created you can receive a safe, powerful and successful hypnotherapy session from anywhere in the world via your computer, tablet or phone. I guide you the same way online that I would in the office. My physical presence makes no difference. Understand that time and distance are illusionary and that the connection to the source is only a quick focus away. In hypnosis you can travel thousands of miles in about two seconds.

“Receive a safe, powerful and successful hypnotherapy session from anywhere in the world via your computer, tablet or phone.”


The Tools You Need for Online Hypnotherapy

Internet, Computer, tablet or phone, comfortable place to focus and set of headphones with a microphone is all you need. Working online is very convenient in terms of time and space as it allows you to stay in your familiar environment. This is great because when you are comfortable hypnosis is more effective. With online hypnosis you want to make sure you are in a quite space so you can be actively listening to my guidance. For the best experience you want to make sure you have a good internet connection, so I suggest clients plug directly into their internet source with an Ethernet cable. However, most of the time people just use WiFi with much success.

The Outcome of Online Hypnotherapy

Success, happiness, healing, discovery and surprise- Online hypnotherapy is changing people’s lives at a rapid rate. Online hypnotherapy services don’t involve any physical treatment, I communicate with the wisdom of your heart, mind and soul, and guide you to overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs so you make healthy choices and positive living a natural part of your life. With today’s advance technology, hypnosis over Skype and Vsee (virtual tele-health platform for virtual care) save you time and money and it assures that anyone can work with the world’s leading hypnotherapists from anywhere at anytime.

“Success, happiness, healing, discovery and surprise- Online hypnotherapy is changing people’s lives at a rapid rate.”

Is It Safe?

Hypnosis activates a deep theta state of relaxation which calms the nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, decreasing blood pressure, slowing the heart rate, and accelerating healing power. As you use hypnotherapy your health increases, your muscles relax and your immune system is put into turbo mode. Your flight or fight response is tuned down and your body begins to balance itself. Hypnosis is a natural healing remedy and has no adverse side-effects or interactions. You empower the body’s own innate capabilities.

What are the limits?

The range of the categories is growing all the time, so you could say that hypnotherapy can help with just about anything. Thousands and thousands of people have already improved their lives or turned their lives around using online hypnosis. If you have any personal or emotional issues in your life that you’re struggling to resolve, If you want to be more successful in any area of your life, if you want to take your quality of life to a new level or achieve a personal goal, then hypnotherapy can help you break free from your emotional difficulties and accelerate you to the next level of life.

Apart from its well-known positive benefits of overcoming emotional issues, building self- esteem and confidence, quitting smoking, and losing weight, hypnotherapy is also now gaining wider acceptance for treatment of illness and health issues.

The side-effect of hypnotherapy is relaxation. Most people think that relaxation is a luxury, but the truth is, it is a necessity and a fundamental requirement of the body, that is needed to leave you feeling, refreshed, energized and recharged. Hypnosis is a trusted and proven way of allowing you to break free from the grip of your negative past so you can create a better future and a better you.


Find out how hypnotherapy can help you.