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What to Expect:

Personalized, in-depth answers from Clinical, Medical Support Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapy expert, Adrian Rusin. Focused on you and your unique issues and goals.

  • 100% client confidentiality
  • Complete assessment, evaluation and client intake of goals and issues
  • Customized hypnosis plan discussed
  • Thorough explanation of hypnosis and what to expect
  • Answers to all your personal questions
  • Receive an additional free 20 minute self-hypnosis audio to prepare you for your hypnotherapy sessions
  • Online meeting option for local and global clients.

Payment and Procedure (FREE)

Consultation (FREE / 0 AED): We believe you benefit from learning if hypnotherapy is right for you before making any commitments.

You are not obligated to continue working with Mr. Rusin after the consultation is complete, and no fees will be required.

Once you submit the request for your professional consultation we will contact you via email to arrange a day and time to meet.


Receive an additional free 20-minute self-hypnosis audio to prepare you for your hypnotherapy sessions. This audio has important information that teaches you the hypnosis process for the first time. You become better prepared mentally for the process of hypnosis with Mr. Rusin thus bringing you better results in a shorter time.

100% Confidentiality

Confidentiality of Information

The information gathered in the hypnotherapy consultation will be kept confidential within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

The personal information collected during a hypnotherapy consultation is only used by UAE Hypnosis staff and therapists for the purpose of creating a comprehensive plan to work with the client and to contact the client for consultation and future hypnotherapy session information.

We do not share your information with any third parties.

At the end of the hypnotherapy consultation Mr. Rusin will make a proposal on how best to work together. From there you can decide if and how you want to continue.

After the consultation you will be given a client intake and confidentiality form. The confidentiality form binds Mr. Rusin to the protection and privacy of all your personal data and information. You are guaranteed no information is ever shared and is strictly used for the purpose to create your hypnotherapy plan and session. The client intake form will gather your medical history and ask questions regarding your goals and/or issues to address. Mr. Rusin will review these forms prior to your hypnotherapy session to make the best use of your time.

A Unique Hypnotherapy Experience

We are the ONLY hypnotherapy center in UAE offering customized hypnotherapy sessions. We understand no session, client or situation is the same. Adrian Rusin creates a customized plan just for you. In fact, this is the ONLY effective way to work with hypnotherapy. No scripts, no cookie-cutter sessions. This is real hypnotherapy.

Because Mr. Rusin is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, he understands that many times his clients need to work with him in conjunction to their physician. For example; presenting issues of insomnia can be the result of brain trauma or extra weight could be the result of a thyroid issue. It is important for Mr. Rusin to know if you are on any medications and if you have any history of mental health issues. This is why you complete a medical history form prior to your session.

Mr. Rusin takes into consideration every aspect of his clients’ life before working together, valuing whole health (mind, body and spirit.) He wants to make sure every matter in your life is identified up front before any agreed upon service is started. This allows Mr. Rusin to create the best plan and the best path for the happiest, healthiest, most successful person.

Consultation Location

We make it easy and convenient.

Professional Consultations (20 minutes) are held online, on your phone, tablet or computer.
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You Become Our Priority

A professional consultation makes you a priority of Adrian Rusin. From the moment that you connect to have your consultation, Mr. Rusin will work meticulously, focused on you, to get your matter addressed. If your matter is deemed solvable with hypnotherapy, the consultation, along with the intake forms will allow Mr. Rusin to establish a customized plan for your hypnotherapy sessions.