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Hypnosis has a reputation for being the best therapeutic help for smoking cessation available, with an excellent success rate.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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A 21-day at-home workshop to quit smoking with Adrian Rusin.  LEARN MORE

Benefits of The Smoking Cessation Program.

  • End nicotine cravings.
  • Quit easily and permanently – no willpower required.
  • Chemically balance your body and brain for optimal health.
  • Prevent weight gain and emotional eating with stress management.
  • Replace the unhealthy habit with something more exciting and healthy.

Move your mind from its current state of addiction to a state of freedom from smoking. Achieve a genuine disinterest in cigarettes.

Hypnotherapy for smoking client success

We are facing an epidemic of unhealthy living. According to Gulf News, 25%-30% of United Arab Emirates residents are smokers. That means there are roughly 2.5 million adult smokers in the UAE. Wouldn’t you think that 50 years after the U.S. surgeon general report on the dangers of smoking tobacco was published that we would stop smoking? Unfortunately, the problem is still lingering at an astonishing rate.

The World Health Organization reports that the top cause of death in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is cardiovascular disease, and smoking is the main concern.

reported in 2015 that tobacco takes the lives of about 6 million people each year. 5 million of those people are killing themselves with tobacco, while the other 600, 000 people are victims of second hand smoke. Like the baby stuck in a car with a caregiver unable to give up the habit, even though it puts the baby’s life at risk.

Why do we engage in unhealthy behaviors?

Unhealthy behaviors are due to our genetics, brain neurotransmitters, and environmental influences such as peers and media.
The truth is you are addicted to cigarettes because of your body’s unconscious conditioned response to those cigarettes.

It all starts when you have your first cigarette.

Do you remember what that tasted like? Do you remember how your body’s response to that was?

When you think back to your first cigarette, it probably wasn’t that great of an experience. Smoking may have begun as an opportunity to rebel and belong but was quickly replaced by less pleasure and the feeling of being trapped from the cigarette’s side effects and habit. Most likely you felt nauseous. You might have even gotten sick or felt some vertigo. You may have started coughing or wheezing, experiencing all the negative physical side-effects of smoking.

As you know cigarettes contain all sorts of unnatural chemicals like tar and nicotine. Which obviously is not good for us.

Like 95% of people, when you experienced your first cigarette it probably was a pretty horrible experience. You had to practice smoking, you had to learn how to do it properly, until you turned into an expert. You learned how to become good at smoking, and now you would like to unlearn this habit.

Was your body’s response to that first cigarette the feeling of pain? Like the majority of smokers there was an uncomfortable feeling associated with your first time smoke. So why do people keep smoking?

The reasons lie in your subconscious mind.

In the moment when you smoked that first cigarette you filled an authentic need.
Maybe you were meeting the need for connection, acceptance, love, safety, relaxation, or happiness. In that moment when you smoked that first cigarette your brain released endorphins. Making a connection between your need being met and the cigarette.

How it all works

The brain recognizes that you are filling your body with harmful substances. As a protection mechanism the central nervous system and pituitary gland release “feel good” hormones into the bloodstream known as endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain relievers and mood stabilizers that exist in our body to maintain homeostasis.
When you smoke, you are satisfying a hormonal cycle of endorphin release.

Cigarettes training and changing your body

After a while your body learns to predict your cigarette routine.

It`s not nicotine related. Nicotine lasts inside your body for about 72 hours or 3 days. If you stop smoking for 72 hours on average, you are actually a nonsmoker because there is no more nicotine inside your body. The nicotine is not having an effect anymore.

Unfortunately, your body learned to release endorphins when you smoke. Following a routine of smoking, you are training your body to only feel good when you smoke. Your body is smart and wants to make sure you are going to be OK when you smoke your cigarette and, you are not going to be in pain, vomit or feel sick.

The real effect of nicotine is a feeling of tension and uneasiness in the solar plexus, the mid-section of the body. It is this anxiety, this tension that the smoker interprets as a cause to have another cigarette. And when they have another cigarette they start the cycle once again.

The vicious cycle

  • Stressful Feeling
  • Smoke Cigarette
  • Endorphin Rush
  • Short Lived Relief & Relaxation
  • Endorphin Production Ends
  • Stressful Feeling
  • Repeat

What they don’t want you to know

Part of the reason it is so challenging to stop smoking is because of that endorphin release. It’s not the cigarette, it’s not the nicotine, it’s your body’s response to it. It’s how your body responds by releasing endorphins. This whole scheme is a way for the tobacco industry to keep you stuck in an old habit of the things you were doing in the past, that old habit that’s not getting you anywhere, that old habit that is making you feel bad.

What the tobacco industry doesn’t want you to know is that you are in control, not them. When you go to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes, you’re actually paying for something you already have inside your body. You are paying for an endorphin rush, a way to feel good. The good news is; you don’t need to smoke to feel good. You just need to learn how to activate your endorphin release in a natural, controlled way.

Releasing endorphins with hypnosis

When you exercise or you are exposed to the sun you release endorphins naturally.

Putting yourself in a situation that would trigger a release of endorphins through the use of vivid imagination, activates the associated stored response.

Think about how you feel when you watch a scary movie. As you get engaged in the play, your imagination generates the many emotional and physiological responses connected with the scene. Your fight or flight responses activate and you begin to breathe fast. Your heart rate increases and your muscles contract as the adrenaline rushes through your body. It happens automatically and builds until your mind perceives a different scenario.

Now imagine what if felt like the first time you fell in love. Or, when someone close to you passed away. Imagine the taste of coffee on a Saturday morning or the smell of your favorite flowers in the spring. Our imagination is powerful and can invoke emotional and physiological responses in our body.  Meaning, our thoughts, imagination and memories are driving our emotions and behaviors.

It is as easy as thinking of your favorite place, your favorite person, your favorite activity. When you put yourself in that state of mind, you bring about the feelings associated with them.  Using hypnosis accelerates and enhances this phenomenon.  Hypnosis allows you to achieve a rapid state of increased focus and awareness. You experience situations as they are and how you perceived them in the moment they first occurred.

In hypnosis you access your subconscious mind. The part of your mind where your creativity allows you to explore your thoughts, emotions and behaviors that live within you. While in hypnosis you can visualize yourself in endorphin enhanced states, bringing you happiness and relaxation. You can teach your body to store the endorphins created and use them when needed.

Other methods of relaxation and endorphin release

Smoking cigarettes can be the prime cause of stress in one’s life. So you might start to wonder what it would be like to replace smoking with a new more positive habit. Using hypnosis, you can feel more motivated to begin an exercise routine, drink water, do yoga or simply practice mindful breathing. A new habit is just something that makes you feel good that you do every day instead of smoking.

At the UAE Hypnosis we specialize in smoking cessation. Working with people who smoke cigarettes to relax. From our experience you don’t need cigarettes to relax. There are natural things you can do and things that we can teach you that work so much better and so much faster and instead of breaking you down, they build you up. What we teach allows you to feel better and better with each day.

As you smoke you rob yourself of your health, of your confidence, your self-worth and self-control.

The reason why you treated yourself so poorly in the past is because you were not aware of the ways you could meet that same need in a much more positive way. You were unaware of the real physical effect of smoking.

A brighter future ahead

Remember you’re not addicted to cigarettes you are addicted to your body’s unconscious conditioned response to those cigarettes. Working with Adrian Rusin at UAE Hypnosis you learn a better way to get everything that you thought smoking gave you in the past.

With hypnosis you can have those things in your life, feeling better, more in control and happier each and every day.

What happens when you quit smoking.

  • After 20 minutes your blood pressure drops to a more healthy level
  • After 8 hours the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal
  • After 24 hours your chance of a heart attack decreases
  • Within 3 months circulation improves and your lungs work 30% betterAfter 1 year the risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half
  • After 5 years stroke risk is the same as if you never smoked a day in your life
  • After 10 years the risk of dying of from lung cancer is cut in half. Cancer of other organs in your body also drastically decreases
  • After 15 years the risk of coronary heart disease is the same as if you never smoked a day in your life

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking by re-programming the mind.

Using hypnosis to stop smoking is not about willpower it is however about strength of mind. Therefore, if you have already decided you want to be a non-smoker then you are half way there. The other 50% is us working together to find the root cause of your cravings and reprogram your mind for a new healthier lifestyle. We will also work together to make sure your diet and exercise routine are balanced so there is no fluctuation in weight gain during your letting go process.

Hypnosis helps you to quit smoking on a subconscious and conscious level. We help you to lose the desire to smoke completely.

Using hypnosis to stop smoking is your best investment as we help you cut the addiction by addressing the root cause. You can finally be a non-smoker.

Why smoking made you happy.

Most likely smoking would bring you happiness and relief from a stressful day at work or even gave you a sense of comfort with your morning coffee and weekend relaxation routine. This is why quitting is often times hard for people because of the sense of joy and relief it immediately brings on. The reason why you feel that happiness is because of the endorphin release into your bloodstream. When we work together I will show you how you can naturally release those endorphin’s using a simple everyday self-hypnosis trick to activate your own biochemical endorphin release.

Quit smoking, let’s work together.

We have been helping people quit smoking for many years and it has been quite an awarding experience seeing people reclaim their health, and life. When a person is ready to let go of cigarettes and quit smoking, hypnotherapy can be the tool they use to reach their goal quickly, safely and joyfully. We work together to reprogram your mind so that you can fully let go of the want and need to smoke, so that smoking doesn’t control you anymore.

If you are ready to stop smoking and want the professional guidance of hypnosis to get you there, contact us today and together we can create a new life for you! It is important to speak with your doctor before trying alternative approaches to your treatment of any medical issue. If you feel any pain or discomfort you must seek medical attention first and foremost! A reputable hypnotherapist will always ask if you’ve seen a doctor first. We like to work in conjunction with the medical community to make sure our clients have a fully balanced lifestyle in mind, body and spirit.


A 21-day at-home workshop to quit smoking with Adrian Rusin.

The more knowledge you have, the more prepared you are for the event. The purpose of this program is to hep you to QUIT SMOKING FOREVER. Get ready to immerse yourself in a 21-day extensive at-home workshop. By understanding the knowledge of how change happens, you take the first crucial step in the process of breaking the addiction you have. If you understand how hypnosis works to overcome addiction, and why you are using the methods taught, then knowing how to apply this unique formula is much easier and you get better results!

This at-home workshop has been made into 3 segments for you to experience over 3 weeks. This way you can take your time to listen to the lessons, and self-hypnosis audios at your pace, on your own time, most convenient for you.

You Learn:

The progressive formula for mind, brain, and body transformation to quit smoking. Understand how hypnosis ties into Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Psychoneuroimmunology, the mind-body connection and Epigenetics.

You Receive:

Pre-recorded audio lessons on how the mind, brain and body work from a scientific and spiritual standpoint. Understand how hypnosis works so you receive the full benefit of your live sessions with Adrian Rusin. The more you know how something works, the better it will work for you. The proof is in the science, the studies and the results.

Pre-recorded self-hypnosis audios to prepare you for your live hypnotherapy sessions with Adrian Rusin. Self-Hypnosis audios included are: Hypnotic Breath,  The Induction & Mastering Self-Hypnosis, Changing Your Beliefs & Removing Limitations, Quit Smoking.

During this 21-day at-home workshop Adrian Rusin will teach you how to create the perfect environment for change to occur internally and externally, physically and mentally.

  • First, you will receive the quit smoking formula.
  • Second, you learn how to apply the quit smoking formula in your own life.
  • Third, you are given the opportunity to apply the quit smoking formula.

With the proper instructions and knowledge, you are able to let go of the smoking habit and replace it with a new set of memorized habits, beliefs and emotions more aligned with your goals of who you want to be.

With this program you have the opportunity to not only quit smoking, but to also learn the fundamental skills of changing any area of your life. You feel unlimited, whole and balanced by learning how to change your body at both a chemical and intellectual level. You’re going to create a new state of being with a new standard of living.

Go beyond who you are today and learn the quit smoking formula.

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“My job is to help ensure that by the end of the hypnotherapy program you are a non-smoker through subconscious learning. I’ll teach you the techniques that will allow you to control and change personal experiences so you can stay a non-smoker in all situations. After the hypnosis program, smoking cigarettes won’t even cross your mind.” 

Adrian Rusin, creator of the doctor recommended HypLife™ method.

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