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This was the last email I received from my latest weight loss client.

With permission to publish and for privacy issues, we’ll call her Claire.

“Half the time I feel like I’m sleepwalking, the other half of the time I feel like I’m running a crazy marathon. I’m exhausted and I’m pretty sure I’m losing my memory. I really want more energy, a good night’s sleep, more time for my family and a smaller waist. Not too much to ask right?”

Claire is a 38-year-old married woman with two children. Working as an editor in New York, the fashion and beauty capital of the world, her life is fast-paced, competitive and draining.

From the outside her life looks pretty good. She’s able to juggle a lot really well. She’s raising two perfect children, excelling at her enviable career and has a successful, devoted husband.

However, behind closed doors, Claire is seriously stressed. Her kids are struggling in school, her marriage is on the rocks, and her health is in decline.  She’s a self-proclaimed perfectionist and the pressure to keep up is pushing her over the edge. Her doctor scornfully reminds her that she could stand to lose 10 pounds, work less and “try” to remove the stress from her life.

Really, no kidding” says Claire.

Claire is stressed out. She’s eating late at night, drinking too much caffeine and forgetting to do simple tasks at work. She’s moody around her husband and irritable around her children.

When I ask Claire how she gets through the busy day she says: 

“I wake up exhausted and drink about 6 cups of coffee to stay awake. Then at night I’ll have a few glasses of red wine to wind down and relax. At about 11pm is when I start pacing the kitchen looking for the Nutella and chips.”

When I ask Claire what she wants the most she says

“I know it sounds selfish, but I want to love what I see when I look in the mirror.”

Sound familiar?

Here's the secret to lasting weight loss

How Claire feels when she sees herself in the mirror is setting her mood for the rest of the day. It affects everything from what foods she chooses to eat, to how she interacts with her clients at work.

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Did You Know?

It’s true that about half of your brain is dedicated to your vision. How you look, and feel are so intricately connected. You need to have a healthy mind and brain to have a healthy body. Diet and exercise alone is not enough, although they are equally important.

A healthy mind is related to your decisions, thoughts, perceptions and planning. The mind is the “software” of the body. Your brain is the “hardware” of the body. Your mind tells your brain how to function producing certain neurological and chemical reactions in the body. These chemical reactions create how you experience life. So, if you think negative thoughts you will manifest negative results. If you think healthy, productive thoughts you will manifest healthy, productive results.

The Secret to Lasting Weight Loss

The key to real lasting weight loss involves a combination of the 4 fundamentals parts of health:

  • Psychological – Your mind. How you make decisions. Your beliefs and perceptions.
  • Biological – How your body works. Your brain health. Diet and exercise.
  • Social – Your connection to the world. Your family, friends and relationships.
  • Spiritual – Your sense of purpose.

Through extensive research, 20 years of practice, passion and dedication I have become the go to therapist for weight loss in the Middle East and Europe.  Because I approach weight loss differently than other experts. I don’t just focus on exercise or diets, or psychology alone. I integrate every aspect of health to balance a person’s whole life. Weight loss is just a side effect clients experience after our work together.

Clients come to me to lose weight. Ultimately, they leave slimmer, healthier and happier. They go on to lead their new lives with more energy, balanced circadian rhythms, improved relationships, more confidence and the wisdom of how to use their mind fully. Some call it a “re-birth.”

If you want to look great and feel amazing, you have to start at the core. You must optimize your mind, body and soul.

In the early days of my career I was frustrated because my clients were coming to me for weight loss and I was only treating them with cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy. I knew they needed more. I realized I was treating just part of the person and not the whole person. So, I teamed up with a nutritionist, personal trainer, board licensed family physician and mental health advocate to create the HypLife™ program. I use this method to treat weight loss, anxiety, depression and to help people quit health destroying habits like smoking and nicotine.

What is The HypLife™ Program for Weight Loss

With the HypLife™ program for weight loss you participate in a one-month commitment to improve the way you eat, exercise, think and behave.

We combine clinical hypnotherapy, spirituality and health coaching to change how you connect, make decisions and participate with nutrition and exercise.

What to Expect

You learn what harms the brain versus what helps the brain so it’s easier to get and maintain the body you desire.

With coaching sessions, you learn nutrition strategies for weight loss, energy and vitality. Hypnotherapy helps you change the way you think and eliminates cravings and unhealthy habits, creating more positive behavior patterns. You program a balanced sleep-wake cycle and create an achievable exercise routine that fits you and your lifestyle. You learn the secrets of neurogenesis and create a sharp focused mind. Connect with something greater than yourself and discover your life purpose while creating a plan to reconnect to it.

I understand that one treatment does not work for everyone. You are unique, so through hypnotherapy you learn about yourself at a very deep core level. This is where many clients have their break through or “a-ha” moment.


Find out how hypnotherapy can help you.