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3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

Is your marriage in need of repair? Here are 3 simple ways to strengthen your marriage and get the most from your partner.

Are you worried about the fate of your marriage? Do you and your partner argue frequently? Does your partner seem to ignore your ambitions, wants and needs? You’re not alone. If your marriage needs extra help or you’re just curious, a few adjustments can make your relationship peaceful, exciting, passionate and long lasting. Try these three ways to make your marriage work.

1. Make Cognitive Room for Your Marriage.

Ignorance is not bliss. Many marriages simply fail due to the lack of attention of details of their partner’s life. One or both partners may only have a slight sense of the other’s pleasures, displeasures, fears and stresses. The husband may love football, but the wife couldn’t tell you who his favorite team is. He doesn’t remember her favorite flowers or the work project that is keeping her up at night. Quite opposite, emotionally intelligent couples are exceptionally familiar with one another’s world.

Focus and make a point to remember major events in each other’s past. Continue to renew information, details and emotions as you move forward in life together.

You can start by asking questions such as;

    • Name two of my closest friends
    • Name one of my hobbies
    • What is the date of our anniversary?
    • What do I fear the most?
    • What is my worst childhood experience?

2. Re-discover – Look into Your Past – Visualize

Learn from your own history to re-discover fondness and admiration. It’s not complicated to boost positive feelings towards each other. Even deeply suppressed positive feelings can surface by thinking and talking about events and memories of your first encounters together.

Close your eyes and breathe deep, go back to the time when you treasured your partner.

What about your partner attracted you in the first place? When you recognize and openly discuss positive qualities of your partner and your marriage, your connection is strengthened and wired for happiness. This makes it much easier to address any issues your relationship may have and introduce positive change.

Openly discuss the following together;

    • What are five things you appreciate about your partner?
    • How did the two of you meet?
    • What were your first impressions of each other?
    • What made your partner stand out from the rest?
    • What is a good time for you as a couple? Has this changed over the years?
    • Have you stopped doing things together that bring joy? Explore these with each other.

Now, close your eyes and go deep within your mind – name ten qualities you cherish in your partner. For each quality recall a time when your partner displayed it. Say “I’m really fortunate to be with my partner.”

3. Breathe, Listen, Build Trust.

Often times when a relationship is going through a rough time, one partner might not hear the plea of the other. This happens because the plea may come out negative or distorted from body language, tone of voice and choice of words. For example, Sonia might say to her husband Robert “It wouldn’t kill you to help with the dishes tonight, would it?” Robert doesn’t hear Sonia’s plea to help with the dishes. Instead he hears disapproval and criticism. So of course, he responds to defend himself “I’ll help with the dishes when you start working late night hours to pay the bills like me.” from there the dispute intensifies. So, before you respond to your partner, take 5 deep breaths and search for the plea hidden in your partners harsh words. Respond by saying “I want to respond to you positively, can you please tell me what you need right now from me, I really want to know.”

Happily married couples are not smarter or better. They have however found a way to keep their negative thoughts and feelings about each other from overwhelming their positive ones. They embrace the needs and ambitions of each other and are emotionally intelligent. Once your marriage gets set at a more positive level, it will be harder to knock it off course.


3 More Steps – Enhanced by Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy

Navigating the complexities of marriage can be daunting, but incorporating mindfulness, understanding belief patterns, and addressing old wounds can significantly strengthen the bond between partners. Here are three strategies to fortify your relationship, complemented by the power of mindful practices and hypnotherapy.

  1. Deepen Understanding Through Mindfulness and Attention

It’s essential for partners to truly know each other’s worlds. This goes beyond mere facts and includes understanding each other’s emotional landscapes. Mindfulness can play a key role here. By being present and fully attentive, you can gain deeper insights into your partner’s fears, joys, and stressors.

  • Practice daily mindfulness together, perhaps starting with a few minutes of joint meditation to foster deeper connection.
  • During conversations, be fully present. Listen not just to the words being spoken, but to the feelings and needs expressed beneath them.
  • Engage in exercises to heighten your awareness of each other’s experiences, like sharing highs and lows of the day with full attention.
  1. Reflect and Heal with Hypnotherapy

Reflecting on your relationship’s history can unearth fond memories, but it can also bring up past hurts. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in healing old wounds and changing negative belief patterns that may be affecting your marriage.

  • Consider seeking a hypnotherapist to facilitate sessions where both partners can explore and resolve underlying issues from their past that may be influencing their marriage.
  • Use hypnotherapy to reinforce positive perceptions and emotions towards each other, reprogramming any negative beliefs that may have crept into your dynamic.
  • Learn self-hypnosis techniques to maintain this positive mindset and continue the healing process independently.
  1. Address Belief Patterns and Build Trust

Our belief patterns shape our reactions and interactions within our marriage. Identifying and addressing these can lead to more effective communication and trust-building.

  • Take note of any recurring negative patterns in your interactions. Are there old insecurities or unhealed wounds fueling these patterns?
  • Utilize mindfulness to become aware of when these patterns are activated and consciously choose to respond differently.
  • Use hypnotherapy as a method to delve into the subconscious mind, where many of these patterns are rooted, and work towards altering them in a positive way.

Marriage is an ongoing process of growth and understanding. By harnessing the transformative powers of mindfulness and hypnotherapy, couples strengthen their relationships and create mutual healing and self-discovery. The result is a marriage that is resilient in the face of challenges and deeply enriching and fulfilling.

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