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Consultations are scheduled as need or desire dictates, and consultations always mean an investment of you and our therapist, Adrian Rusin’s valuable time. Both you and Mr. Rusin must develop mutual respect, especially regarding each other’s time commitments. So, please follow the advice below to make the most out of your consultation:

Arrive on time. Log into your consultation a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Give yourself time to connect. When Mr. Rusin see’s clients one after another, it is difficult to extend meeting times without impacting someone else’s schedule.

Email to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it. Give as much advance notice as possible. Don’t be a no-show!

Do not schedule a consultation for times you know you will be exhausted or distracted.

Keep us informed about your time limitations: Consultations last approximately 20 minutes. How long can you stay? Do you think you will need more time? Let us know ahead of time.

Bring with you a clear idea of your goals and questions for the consultation.

Work with Mr. Rusin to set a time and goal for your first session if you choose to continue.

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