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We have worked with thousands of clients throughout the world focusing on overcoming fears, achieving health, increasing prosperity, achieving goals and treating a large range of issues with a tremendously high success rate.

You may choose to have a private one-on-one session for any area of focus.

Many clients also choose to have a customized audio created based on their goal or issue. Browse through the list to see the most common issues that we work with daily. If by chance you can’t find what you are looking for, not a problem, we are happy to help with any issue or goal in your life. There is no obligation to book an appointment. If you have any questions, please email or call and set up a free 30-minute consultation to see if hypnotherapy is right for you. Our phone number is toll free 8000.184.082

• Private therapy from anywhere in the world. Your professional licensed clinical hypnotherapist is waiting to work with you now, helping you make powerful, lasting change in your life.

Contact us anytime and anywhere, from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Safe, secure and successful, we invite you to experience hypnotherapy, re-invented for how you live today.

Benefits of Working Online.

• Highly Qualified— We at the UAE Hypnosis are highly qualified hypnotherapists and are recommended by many doctors and psychologists in UAE and USA. We have many years of experience as clinical hypnotherapists, and are ready to assist you.
• Collaborative—Request a free 30-minute online consultation session to see if online hypnotherapy is right for you. You will learn how hypnosis works, have all your questions answered and experience what it is like to meet online before you commit.
• Easy to use— UAE Hypnosis has made it easy to connect online. We will send you a link to connect to your therapist via email. The set up process takes about 1 minute.
• Secure—We use a video conferencing platform with data privacy. This makes sure all audio and video communication is secure and encrypted and transmitted from point-to-point so no one has access to any identifiable health information that may be communicated. This helps to maintain the highest standard for maintaining therapist/client privacy.
• Flexible—Experience your hypnotherapy session from the privacy of your home or office.
• Convenient—Remove the travel time and costs for sessions. If you are on the road for college, business or you just want to be in the comfort of your own home, then online sessions are perfect for you.

What kind of hypnosis sessions can be conducted online?

Web sessions can easily help a child in a rural area struggling to pay attention in school to improve his focus and overcome his impulsive behaviors. Or an online hypnotherapy session can help an adult at home control his fear of flying, quit smoking or finally lose weight all from the comfort of his own couch.

As a growing trend in hypnotherapy, medicine and therapy, the progression towards online help is in demand. As people become more adapted to the accessibility of online business and staying in touch virtually with friends and family, working with a hypnotherapist online in now another convenience that is one click away.

Our online option is a convenient choice for those who travel frequently, don’t want to leave the house and would rather not battle with driving and traffic. Our clients really enjoy having their sessions online.

UAE Hypnosis – Most Popular Online Sessions.

• Overcome fears & anxiety
• Manage stress
Lose weight
Stop smoking
• Sexual dysfunctions
• Focus and study skills
• Memory and recall
• Language learning skills
• Improve relationships
• Working with medical issues
as an adjunct to traditional medical care
• Overcoming writers block
• Improve fertility
• Childbirth preparation
• And much more…

How do I meet online?

We will send you a link in your email to connect online. The process takes about 1 minute. When you click on the link to connect you will be asked to enter you email address and a password of your choice. You will then be given a link to the meeting where you and your therapist will meet for your session. Safe, easy and secure.

What you need to connect for your online session and consultation.

• Internet connection
• Web-camera
• Headphones with a built-in microphone (like the one for your cell phone)
• Comfortable place to relax

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