Past Life Regression in Dubai

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The ancient traditions and methods of bringing about positive changes to mind, body and soul are becoming accepted practices once again. Science and psychology are now proving that these old methods of healing and tapping into our raw human potential are real and work. Practicing clinical hypnotherapist Adrian Rusin explains how hypnosis and regression work can open the gate to the subconscious world where healing, discovery and miracles take place.

Best Past Life Regression Dubai

She quickly slipped into another place and time. The air fragrant with salt and flowers, her clothes made of linen. Her body strong, her hair short, dark and fastened with wax and metal, a natural beauty. She’s a teacher in a village. She teaches other woman how to read and write and how to defend themselves in battle. Her house is in a courtyard and has high walls and a big strong gate. She is married and has a son and a daughter. Today, Sonia is a 42-year-old expat living in Dubai, but in a past life she was a Spartan woman. She’s discovered that the anxiety she has today is linked to her role and experiences during the Peloponnesian War in the year of 435 BC.

From the hundreds of past-life regressions I have conducted it has become quite clear that our soul contains a code or map. There is a complete record of history you can tap into. You can see it, touch it, interact with it. Your soul history is available to you if you are open to it. If you can calm your ego mind you are able to connect with your soul’s ultimate plan.

Do you wonder who you are?
Why you are here?
What you’re supposed to learn?

You have a unique purpose. Your intuition tells you that there is more to life than meets the eye. Perhaps you have a gut feeling, repeats of Déjà vu, or dreams and visions that keep flashing into your reality reminding you to wake up, pay attention, get on track.

You are more than your title, your job, your fear, your illness, your problems and personality. You are more than your body and you are connected in the most intricate way to everyone alive on the planet. You are made up of vibrational energy, spirit, light and love. You have a God given right to live your life with purpose and meaning.

As you tune in and become your higher self you experience a heightened state of consciousness, and you become extremely aware of the true nature of reality. Expanding your ability to connect with a higher dimension, you discover parts of yourself that are fluid, timeless, wise and powerful. Fears simply fall away and a new understanding and confidence begins to surface. You realize that there is so much more to life and what seems to be significant today seems so small in comparison to the new reality you discover.

On your voyage through multiple lifetimes, you make choices that are reflected in your current life. You have challenges to face, we all do. These challenges are necessary lessons to overcome and help you progress on school earth. Some of you have unsettled karma manifesting today in the form of illness, destructive relationships, unsatisfying careers, anxiety and more. You must learn what’s holding you back and understand your blocks to manage your karma. You can heal whatever is causing you emotional and physical pain and you can bring back peace, harmony and joy to your life one you start to “wake up.”

Past life regression and hypnosis will introduce you to your souls past where you can be liberated from unhealed experiences impeding you today. You can learn how to call upon your guides and higher self to safely confront and resolve trauma from previous incarnations. This process is critical to make a spiritual advancement and transformation.

Start to put your energy into learning about who you are and become aware of how the process of life works. When you do this, the problems you once had will simply disappear.


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