This self-hypnosis program will help your child take control of his self-confidence, discover his self-worth in the world and know how important he truly is. Helping your child to realize his potential, this program instills a new belief system and opens his mind to the truth about himself, that he is confident, intelligent, strong and powerful.

Written specifically for children and teens and for every modality of learning, perception, memory and comprehension. This program is created for a child who is visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile.

This audio is intended to be listened to once a day, every day for 90 days to have the greatest benefit.

Have the child listen to this self-hypnosis audio before bed time or nap time.

Language: English | Length: 18 minutes | Written by: Adrian Rusin CMS-CHt | Recorded by: Amanda Bell CMS-CHt

Would you like this audio customized to have your child’s name and his unique needs and goals incorporated?

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