Create Your Day


Step into the field of infinite possibilities and create your best life!

State of the art binaural beat technology synchronize with Adrian’s guided hypnosis. Start each day with a powerful new connection to source and expand your consciousness with Create Your Day. 

1. Introduction – Create Your Day (1:59)
2. Hypnosis Audio – Create Your Day (21:02)

Run Time: 23 Minutes

This audio is intended to be listened to once a day, every day for 90 days to have the greatest benefit.

Would you like this audio customized to have your name and unique needs and goals incorporated?

Language: English | Written & Recorded by: Adrian Rusin CMS-CHt

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This is a very unique self-hypnosis experience. It’s based upon the knowledge and ancient wisdom of mind that has been held secret for hundreds of years. I’ve had a special teacher who has taught me how to use the mind to manifest and through his teachings this experience exists for you. I invite you to take part in this quick and effective daily exercise – it’s where everything changes. When you only have a few minutes to get centered, connected and energized you must be very effective in the images, thoughts and emotions that you choose. This audio is designed to shift your consciousness so you can prepare mentally and emotionally for the day.

You create a vision of your future and goals – then step into that design both physically and mentally, turning them into real life experiences. Naturally the way you think and feel changes and with practice the vision you create at the start of your day stimulates high emotion and energy. From this you create your reality.

You easily move to a greater level of awareness with more power, drive and intention. Everything you intend becomes much more potent as you become connected to the field of infinite possibility, the superconscious, the divine flowing in and all around you.

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