What You Receive

The Customized Self-Hypnosis Audio Pack.

You receive a total of 4 empowering audios, including 2 personalized self-hypnosis sessions tailored to your unique needs.

  1. Audio 1 – Introduction to Self-Hypnosis (11 min.) – Instant Download
  2. Audio 2 – Self-Hypnosis Training (21 min.) – Instant Download
  3. Audio 3 – Customized Self-Hypnosis (20-30 min.) – Emailed to you in 5 business days
  4. Audio 4 – Customized Affirmations (15-20 min.) – Emailed to you in 5 business days

What to Expect

  • The approximate completion time of your customized audios is 5 business days.
  • You receive the introductory and training audio immediately upon purchase.
  • You are sent an email with your customized audios once they are complete.
  • Download your audios to keep forever on any personal device.

Rest assured that we are dedicated to your satisfaction. If needed, you can request a free edited version of your customized hypnosis audios to ensure they precisely match your requirements. Your ultimate contentment is our priority.

Please Note:
Downloadable products are not exchangeable and are non-refundable.