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UAE Hypnosis is the #1 choice for hypnotherapy. Because hypnotherapy is our only focus.  We guide clients to quickly and easily create lasting change of health, happiness, peace and prosperity.  But that’s not all, when you work with UAE Hypnosis, rest assured we guarantee your satisfaction. Your success is our priority!

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Company Information

Founded as “an innovative hypnotherapy center of the highest order” and guided by the motive to thrive, UAE Hypnosis will help clients solve their greatest challenges and achieve their greatest success by:

  • Progressing as an international leader in hypnotherapy and mind-body sciences, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, neuro linguistic programming, life coaching and health science.
  • Empowering our clients to fulfill their personal and professional passions in a safe, secure, knowledgeable and welcoming environment. Inclusive for people of all race, religion, creed, color or physical disability
  • Creating powerful connections among the client, his mind and his forever powerful capabilities.
  • Embracing our leadership position in New York, Dubai and Abu Dhabi by making our healing and transformative community a model for partnership among academic, civic, cultural, health care, and business organizations.

We want you to feel free to explore hypnotherapy before you commit and to feel happy, confident and successful with your decision. This provides you complete satisfaction when you choose UAE Hypnosis.

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I overcame RSD with the help from Adrian at UAE Hypnosis. 

Valerie Rose - USA

I discovered hypnotherapy last year and it changed my life. I found inside of me resources I didn’t know I possessed. Because of UAE Hypnosis I can say I have finally brought balance back to my life.

Ramona Prodea – Romania, AMD Regional Manger SE Europe

With the UAE Hypnosis I found a new me. I have recovered my self-esteem and developed a brand new belief about myself and what I can achieve. Patient and professional, my hypnotherapist Adrian helped me to see that the master comes when the student is ready.

George - Romania

On my third session Adrian used his insight to help me untangle a relationship I never saw as a problem. It was the most powerful session by far, and I didn’t even think I needed it! I felt such relief after that session. A weight I didn’t know I carried had been lifted off my chest. The bonus to all this was that my breathing improved immediately!

Kelly Dekker -USA

After working with Adrian money started flowing from my practice. Now I have a career of my choice that I like, plus money comes easily. The best invested money in healing myself and my relationship with money.

Iwaona Iwaniuk-Borisenko – USA

After we did a session on allergies I had no more symptoms… the mind really has the power to shift something so instantly.

Annette Mertens – Germany

I had four sessions for weight loss at UAE Hypnosis about eight months ago. The weight fell off effortlessly and has stayed off. More importantly was the journey of transformation Adrian led me on, that allowed me to release my need to use food and weight as a comforter and embrace a healthy, whole self esteem. ‘Issues’ I’d struggled with for years dissolved in days and Adrian gave me tools to heal anything new that may present itself using self hypnosis. I have experienced different therapists and many healing modalities and Adrian stands out. He is an extraordinary gifted and professional healer.

Linda Roman - Abu Dhabi

Day 6 of my life as a non smoker, and still going strong – as a matter of fact, better every day! I am really impressed and very positively surprised that it works so well and so quickly, especially as i generally wanted to stop for a long time but, in fact I attended your sessions completely unprepared just to have a try. I definitely didn’t expect to come out as a non smoker! nevertheless, now i believe that i can do it and i can’t tell you how happy i am about that! Therefor I want to thank you!!! You helped my to achieve something i didn’t dare to believe in anymore! 

Kristina Wolff -Abu Dhabi