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The WTA and USTA athletes have chosen Adrian Rusin
with UAE Hypnosis to be their personal mind coach. Now you can too!

The WTA uses hypnotherapy for maximum success.

How to win Olympic medal with your mind.
The USTA uses hypnosis for top mental and physical performance.

Athletes in Dubai are having much success with sports hypnosis

We work with the latest in psychological research.

We know what makes a top performing athlete. This is why our hypnotherapy program gives you the edge you need to win.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands explains how working with the mind helped her with the olympic gold.

Olympic Gold Medals!

Bethanie Mattek-Sands wins the gold with hypnotherapy.

Bethanie works with with elite therapist Adrian Rusin for mind coaching and hypnotherapy to achieve Gold Medal Status.

Learn how to master your mind and be the best in your game!

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Hypnosis is an invaluable tool that can quickly and effectively influence the subconscious mind and promote lasting change in athletes. We use a range of hypnotic interventions and therapeutic techniques to help athletes win the mind game so they can be the best at their sport.

Using hypnotherapy to get in the zone and reach maximum athletic potential is all about training the athlete towards new attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Hypnotherapy for athletic performance is safe and natural and has long-lasting effects. If you are ready for your mental training then get started today and be ready to achieve the success you’ve been working towards.

Start with a consultation, or book your session right away. Meet your therapist, Adrian Rusin, and together put together a program just for you.
Accelerator assignments are given in between each session for faster results and lifetime success.
Enjoy self-hypnosis audios to keep you motivated and focused in between sessions. (Included with program)
Email Adrian if you require additional support.

Hypnosis helps you to take control of you mind so you can control your game

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool

• Wish to increase your skills and performance to have more victories?
• Want to overcome mental blocks to raise you higher in your game?
• Desire to have the mental edge over your competition?

We provide

One-on-one hypnosis sessions for individual athletes and team hypnosis.

We focus on improving psychological, cognitive and physical capabilities. We work with the athlete to remove mental blocks and create effective positive programming and visualization techniques to help him or her reach maximum potential.

One example of our work is how we teach you to put yourself into a light trance before you fall asleep at night allowing you to review wanted athletic developments. Once something is created and seen in the mind it can be achieved in the physical world with ease. Mental practice is equally important as the hours of physical practice on the playing field. The man or woman who has mastered his mind has also mastered his or her body, performance and reality.

Our approach

• You are trained how to develop a strong mental attitude towards your performance.
• You are coached on cognitive and psychological skills that can be used at any time during your competition.
• You are trained in self-hypnosis to increase performance whenever needed.
• You are shown how to access innate resources and tools that already exist in the mind.

With hypnosis, you can stay focused on success. See yourself as a winner and plan to win. Rebound from past setbacks and be more motivated to create a mind that wins. Be your best and live your true potential.

Top performing athlete works with his mind to master his game.

Hypnosis for sports performance is an exciting, effective tool to raise you and your team to the top.

Now I am going to represent the USA at the Senior World Championships.

Jared Jacobs – Professional USA Tennis Player

Choice not Chance! Make a choice, the choice to be great, to be extraordinary, to be your best self in sport & life! Don’t leave it to chance!

Seth M. Quealy – Sports Psychologist

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