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Slim Down, End Cravings & Increase Energy with UAE Hypnosis.
Introducing The HypLife™ Hypnotherapy Program.

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The Doctor Recommended Hypnotherapy Program for Weight Loss

Working with all 4 parts of human health.
We believe in treating the whole person, not just parts – and that’s why it works!

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A simple, effective weight loss solution.

Our doctor recommended HypLife™ hypnotherapy program helps you to discover the root cause of your unhealthy food cravings. Designed to help free you from food addictions and balance your mind-body systems so that you make healthier choices, naturally.

It’s a simple solution targeting the four foundations of health – Psychological, Biological, Social and Spiritual.

Your mind can make you fat, sad and tired and it can make you slim, beautiful and healthy. Your feelings and beliefs impact every cell of your body. How you speak to yourself matters.

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Benefits of the weight loss program.

The HypLife™ hypnotherapy program helps you to:

  • Stop compulsive eating.
  • Stop craving unhealthy foods and emotional eating.
  • Increase your energy and become a healthier, happier person.
  • Become more chemically and hormonally balanced.
  • Fix your sleep wake cycle and be fully rested.
  • Become motivated to exercise and make sensible food choices.

Finally reach your weight loss goals and feel good doing it.


“The HypLife™ hypnotherapy program will help you change the emotional eating and food addiction that prevents you from having the body you want. Follow this plan and you will rediscover greater energy and a healthier body.” 

Dr. Loreta Radu  Board Certified Family Physician & Mental Health Advocate

“This is a smart, innovative, science based hypnotherapy program that will improve every part of you. My clients transform not only the number on the scale but their entire outlook on life.” 

Adrian Rusin  Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner

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