Preparing For Your Session

Everything you need to know

Session Option Icon Prepare For Your Session

  • Be ready to start your session at least 5 min before your scheduled appointment time.
  • Wear a headset to increase confidentiality and to increase the sound quality of your session.

Session Option Icon Join Your Session

You will be emailed an invitation to your session which includes a link to join, 10-digit meeting ID, and passcode from the scheduler. The same information is listed below.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 216 387 7854
Passcode: Hypnosis37

Step-by-step directions on how to connect can be found in the links below.

Session Option Icon You Logged In Successfully

Waiting For Session To Begin

  • Once you join your session, you will automatically be placed in a waiting room.
  • You will see a notice saying to wait for the meeting host to let you in.
  • When your therapist admits you, turn on your video and audio if it is not already on.

Test Your Connection (Optional Step):

When the Meeting Test page opens, tap the blue “Join” button to open the Zoom app.
Follow the prompts to test your internet connection, video and audio.

Session Option Icon What To Do With Your Body

  • Wear loose clothing – remove shoes, glasses, or contacts.
  • Use the bathroom before you begin, even if it seems unnecessary.
  • Sit, recline or lay down in a comfortable position with your head fully supported. Some people prefer a bed, yoga mat, couch or recliner.
  • Your therapist needs to see your upper body only. Keep your phone/tablet/computer beside you on a table or nightstand. Do not keep your device on your body.
  • Do not turn off lights. Keep enough light on in the room so therapist can see you.

Session Option Icon Adjust Your Environment

  • Keep your environment distraction free with as little sound as possible. This allows you to relax easier and for your brain waves to go into a lower frequency so you can enter into the state of hypnosis.
  • People often experience a slight metabolic drop entering hypnosis, creating a new sense of temperature. Have a loose blanket nearby, ready to put on or take off as needed.
  • Get comfortable.
  • Be available at your scheduled time.
  • Be prepared, focused, and engaged in your session.

Session Option Icon What to Expect From Your Online Session:


  • Your therapist will connect with you from a private location where the he is the only person in the room.
  • You need to be in a private location where you can speak openly without being overheard or interrupted by others. This is to protect your own privacy and confidentiality.

As you begin to explore the depths of your mind and experience the power you hold within, be loving and patient with yourself and allow your imagination to direct your efforts. Keep in mind that you are unique and you come to this program with a distinct set of beliefs and perceptions different from others who have embarked on the path – your experiences will be your own. As with any new skill, some eagerness and enthusiasm to discover areas that are new for you is important. It is common for people to be excited and anxious when they approach hypnosis for the first time.

What can you expect from the hypnosis experience?

1% of the experience is the hypnosis process – the other 99% is using hypnosis to discover the mind. Hypnosis is a learning and creative process of the mind. Hypnosis is not something that happens to you. Many discover themselves and go on to live happier, healthier lives without fear. Some connect with levels of awareness so intense that their perception of life is forever changed. Others become explorers of wisdom and truth and add hypnosis as a new routine to their life.

There is one source that you must seriously consider.

The hypnosis experience guides you to the most direct path of inner wisdom and creative resources within you. These resources have always been available to you, but now with the right guidance you will expand, experience, know, understand and control life in new, exciting ways.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is when the gateway (critical factor) between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is relaxed and selective thinking is maintained. Hypnosis is not sleep. Science has verified that the state of hypnosis effectively facilitates deep relaxation and focused attention. While in hypnosis the body is relaxed, and the mind is very awake and aware. In hypnosis you are completely in control of your own mind and body. The therapist is simply a guide.

Experiencing Hypnosis | Recommendations for use.

Hypnosis is a mind training program for developing, exploring and applying expanded states of awareness. You are gently guided from your physical conscious waking state into a deep relaxation. Once relaxed, you will enter the levels of the subconscious where increased focused attention, understanding and knowledge is obtained. While in such states, you have a larger range of perception available with which to solve problems, develop creativity or obtain guidance. You can use this experience of personal awareness to know and better understand your whole self, and to create and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Most people reach their goals in 4-8 sessions. Each hypnotherapy session is progressive in nature, building directly on the tools, techniques, knowledge and understandings from the previous session. Therefore, it is recommended that hypnotherapy sessions be experienced sequentially with 3-7 days in between each session.

The First Hypnotherapy Session.

Discover, Learn and Understand #1— Orientation. You will fully discuss your goals, concerns, issues and answer any lingering questions before the start of the session. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the first thing you learn is how to put yourself into the hypnotic state where your mind remains awake and alert and your body rests calmly and comfortably. In this state you can decrease anxiety and physical tension, activate internal healing mechanisms and begin to explore the subconscious mind. With guided instruction, you learn how to directly access your subconscious mind whenever you want. Mr. Rusin’s belief is that his clients are gifted, powerful and masters of their own life. With practice and time, Mr. Rusin’s hope is that you will have reached your goals and not need his guidance forever. And that in the future, when you want to make change, you can do it yourself. You are fully capable as God/Spirit/The Universe intended.

While in hypnosis you will begin to address the goals you want to achieve and any issues you want to overcome.

You learn how to gather, balance and accelerate your energy while decreasing internal dialogue. With specific visualization and mental tuning techniques, you energize and charge your entire system to release blockages in natural energy channels. You may notice physical manifestations of revitalization as you progress in your session. You may experience that you are more coherent, synchronized and balanced. You will learn new breathing techniques, breathing slightly deeper than you normally do during the day. This new form of breathing will assist you in the hypnosis process and help bring you healthy vibrant energy that you can pull into all parts of your body.

Because hypnosis produces heightened sensitivity, you may become more aware of small things. People have reported that they can feel their skin breathe or hear the blood flowing through their body. Others have described having heighten hearing or smelling ability. It is best to come with an open mind. Every hypnotherapy session and hypnosis experience is as unique as the person involved. Mr. Rusin has never experienced the same session twice in all his 25 years of practice. At the end of each session, while you are directly connected with your subconscious mind, Mr. Rusin helps you balance physical and nonphysical energies with a positive health affirmation. Know that it is always working for you without you being consciously aware. You can return at any time to your usual state of awareness by simply breathing normally, opening your eyes, or moving your fingers. You are always in control! At the end of your hypnotherapy session although filled with new vital energy and knowledge, you may feel very relaxed. You will stay relaxed and be given time to come back to a state of awareness comfortable for you to discuss the events that took place. Mr. Rusin will answer any questions you have and help you prepare for your next session. You will be given self-hypnosis audio exercises and a small homework assignment to complete before the start of your next session.

Follow-up Hypnotherapy Sessions | Advanced Programming.

Hypnotherapy it is not talk therapy, advice or medical treatment. Hypnotherapy is a more creative form of treatment using the process of hypnosis to directly access the subconscious mind where all knowledge and information is stored. Because of this direct access to the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is known to be one of the most efficient and fastest routes to healing and goal achievement. Hypnotherapy is not a one time, one-hour, quick fix. Most of our self-imposed limits have many layers and will require some time and process. If you truly desire to surpass your limitations, hypnosis can facilitate your progress. Many of Mr. Rusin’s clients have reported their hypnotherapy sessions to be among the most valuable tools for managing their life. Many use the self-hypnosis tools taught in the first session daily to clear out frustrations, fears and anxieties that show up. Others use it to achieve new goals and aspirations.

With follow-up hypnotherapy sessions you can go into hypnosis more quickly and easily. You are guided though the emotional events that take place while you create the space and environment for goal achievement. Diving more deeply in the subconscious, you calmly identify and release fears, blocks and limiting beliefs. You discover and process the emotions and events that led you to be where you are today. By understanding, releasing and transforming self-imposed emotions you begin to make drastic change and program new more beneficial beliefs into your subconscious mind.


Hypnotherapy is a system of training in self-exploration and personal development. It is not a form of psychotherapy, philosophy, religion, or medical diagnosis/treatment. It is a means to acquire knowledge—the application and results thereof are solely the responsibility of the trainee/client. While most of our clients reach their goals of wellness, hypnotherapy is not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. It is recommended to first consult your physician before adding any complementary treatment such as hypnotherapy to your routine.

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