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Self-Hypnosis for Serenity, Stress Relief, and Unshakable Confidence.

Free Hypnosis

We created these self-hypnosis audio to release anxiety, stop panic and improve overall well-being. A highly effective and proven way to overcome the negative effects of stress in your life. Anxiety will seem to float away as you move into deep states of mental and physical peace and calm.

-Adrian Rusin, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Managing Stress

Stress is a major problem for everyone, and many people develop anxiety and panic attacks. Our body directs most of the negative thoughts and energy from the day to the physiological organs and processes that deal with the survival instinct. (example: adrenal, adrenaline, cortisol, heart, blood circulation, breathing, oxygenation, musculature).

The longer we stay in this stress process, the less energy we have for the organs, glands and physiological processes that deal with cell regeneration. The result is a weakening of the immune system.

Stress is a state that encompasses our being on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically. In fact, stress itself is not a “disease”, it is not something that exists in a tangible way, but it implies in itself our perception to external or internal stimuli. Imaginary worries about what might happen (in the near or medium future) that we are mentally running – perfectionism and impatience – can uselessly produce a state of panic based on nothing.

Tips to keep us calm

Give up imaginary worries, because they belong to a future you do not know!
Give up small grievances and increase your gratitude for what you have, know and can already or can seek, ask and learn.
Stay focused on what is really important: health, relaxation, gratitude, family, love.
Constantly maintain a healthy lifestyle to support your immune system (useful / present-day thinking mode, tangible reality, physical movement, balanced nutrition, quality socialization, hobbies).
Discover the benefits of reducing meat consumption for improved energy utilization and a more balanced state of well-being. Minimize the impact of stress hormones and explore a healthier path to dietary choices.
Respect on this occasion the life of other beings, respect the cleanliness, the environment and the natural balance.
Spend more time with family and with yourself.
Read, read, read!
Address daily methods of relaxation that suits you: physical movement, reading a book, watching a good movie, practice a hobby, practice hypnosis, meditation, breathing, mental training, mindfulness, psychotherapy, NLP, energy techniques, yoga, enjoy quality time to have something to learn.

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