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Bethanie Reviews UAE Hypnosis Experience

Hypnotherapy Dubai Reviews  

Ramona Prodea, AMD, Regional Manager SE Europe

“Why am I a success? Using my mind and being resourceful – I put insight into action, and did the work.”

“I discovered hypnotherapy last year with Adrian and it changed my life. I found inside of me resources I didn’t know I possessed. Because of UAE Hypnosis I can say I have finally brought balance to my life.”

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“I reached out to Mr Rusin for my fear of pubic speaking and went into the sessions not knowing what to expect. It was a truly incredible journey that he took me through, working at different areas of my life and helping me to reprogram my mind not just in the sessions, but with helpful practical steps that I could implement in my daily life. My confidence has changed drastically. Thank you Mr Rusin! You were so kind, patient and helpful.” Bhavana

“I reached out to Mr.Rusin three months ago in hope to help me in my sport performance (combat sports ) but what my experience with his therapy turned into was way beyond that. It was a life changing experience where he helped me excel in sport, overcome my depression, open up for new opportunities, solve the deepest issues i had , even the darkest shadows i never knew they were their i only witnessed their daily influences on my life in all ways. Mr.Rusin saved me from my own demons and more he showed me a whole new world full of joy and achievements right here waiting for me to just choose to step into it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have him as my mentor, life coach and my magic wand. Thank you mr. Rusin from bottom of my heart, i get tears whenever i recalls where i was before i met you and compare my self to where i am now , i am so blessed to have u by my side.” مديحة الحميدي

“Thank you Mr Rusin for taking me through these sessions and helping me to enhance my quality of life. It was truly are doing a great job to mankind.Wish you all the best ! Once again thank you very much.It is my pleasure knowing you.” Shreya

“I contacted UAE Hypnosis for managing my weight loss efforts better. The consultation session inspired great confidence with Adrian and I was happy to start. After the first session, I realized that high body weight is just the tip of the iceberg and learning to utilize my mental capabilities more positively became the first priority. In eight weeks, I have a healthy loss of 5 kg body weight and it does not feel “forced from outside” anymore. Some of my new healthy habits are very well radiating from inside. I am so happy to have tried these experiences and want to continue with my exercises towards further success. Thank you very much Adrian!” Aliya

“When I went to Adrian I had failed my parking test and my instructor said that my only problem was my nerves. My nerves were so bad that I couldn’t keep my feet on the pedals during the test. After my test I went to my GP to see if she could prescribe some beta blockers but instead she suggested that I try Hypnotherapy. I wasn’t really convinced that it would work but decided to give it a go. After a thorough online search and a few phone calls I booked myself onto Adrain’s free consultation and had 4 hypnotherapy sessions. Adrian has turned me into a believer. I retook and passed my parking test and went on to pass my driving test first time round.  My experience of taking the tests after the sessions with Adrian was remarkable. I was comfortable, confident and had no issue with nerves at all! Thank you Adrian!!!” Linda

UAE hypnosis offered me an excellent and inspiring beginning to my own journey towards a more peaceful and balanced mindfulness in my daily life. Thank you Adrian. LK

“Having a few sessions with Adrian was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! He is incredibly supportive and patient and has extensive knowledge on hypnotherapy and how the mind works. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and it has had a profound impact on my life, both emotionally and physically – my chronic allergies issues that I was dealing with for years has practically disappeared. Adrian is the best hypnotherapist – highly recommended!” Azmaira

“Adrian at UAE Hypnosis is a wonderful hypnotherapist. He is genuinely kindhearted and is truly passionate about helping people on their journeys of self-growth and healing. He has incredible knowledge about the super-conscious mind and as a result can help guide you on the path to finding balance and peace. You are in very good hands with Adrian!” J & T Mercer

“I have tried hypnotherapy in the past and finally got the lasting results I was looking for with Adrian. Adrian is a true talent in the field of hypnotherapy. He helped me manage my fear of public speaking allowing my to have more confidence at work and life. He is very knowledgeable, truly the best there is.” Amanda

“My sessions with Adrian have been life changing. Adrian is very comfortable to talk with and is extremely supportive throughout the sessions. Unlike other hypnotherapy sessions I’ve tried, Adrian doesn’t dwell on analyzing negative emotions but works on healing the root of the problem. Highly recommended!” Aneela

“My sessions with Adrian have been life changing. Adrian is very comfortable to talk with and is extremely supportive throughout the sessions. Unlike other hypnotherapy sessions I’ve tried, Adrian doesn’t dwell on analyzing negative emotions but works on healing the root of the problem. Highly recommended!” Daniel

“Adrian is patient, kind, and has magnificent energy. He gave me a great session for anxiety and I most certainly plan on having more with him. Highly Recommended.” Nick

“I came to UAE Hypnosis for panic attacks, generalized anxiety, very disturbing dreams and terrifying nightmares. I didn’t get much sleep and my energy throughout the day began to drain until I was too tired to function normally. Life was hazy, I was tired and I was suffering and didn’t know what to do. A friend of mine told me to try hypnotherapy with Adrian Rusin, the top hypnotherapist in UAE, because he has a talent. Not really knowing much about it, I gave him a try. After the first session with Adrian, it was like the gray cloud had lifted. Every sound and color was more vibrant. I was starting to see a good life again. Over the following weeks having more sessions, I began to have a sense of clarity, self-confidence and self-worth. I now sleep soundly through the night, free of nightmares. I recommend to anyone who experiences anxiety and trouble sleeping, to start hypnotherapy with Adrian. It changed my life for better and it can change yours.” Psiholog Daniel

“Mr. Rusin understood very quickly the essence of the issue I asked him to help me with and supported me in completely changing my perception of the issue which resolved it in a wonderful way.” A. Hummingbird

“Was a wonderful experience.” Howard

Facebook Reviews

“You will find yourself , i finally find a doctor that is interested to cure you to find a reason why you are not happy in your life, to tell you don t look back to forgive, you will start to feel you will start to feel like an bird feel like you fly to feel that in life you must do good that we have an only life that by the way is not finished when people day, thank you Mr. Adrian.” Alina

“I feel truly blessed to have met Adrian Rusin for my hypnotherapy sessions. I started a year ago searching for someone to help me. I was doing the meditations from Joe Dispenza and reading everything from Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. I wanted to learn everything about how people were healing themselves. A friend of mine who introduced me to this new idea of thinking told me about Adrian and how his unique form of hypnotherapy has helped many people on their healing and spiritual path. After working with Adrian for almost one year now, I am almost unrecognizable. I resigned from my job, left an abusive relationship and healed 100% of my numerous physical illnesses which were all the result of stress, living in survival mode and not following my higher purpose. I guess the best part of it all is that I’m in NY and Adrian is in Dubai. He helped me remotely with online sessions. Because if you know from studying this work, time and distance is of no importance and doesn’t really “exist.” Even though so far away, I felt so close and instantly connected! The power, the energy, the healing is truly that strong and inspiring. I learned how to listen to my body and it was telling me to change my life. I was on many medications before hypnotherapy and had symptoms of asthma, chronic back pain, migraines, panic attacks, overweight, acne, heartburn, depression, insomnia and the list goes on. Through hypnotherapy I learned what the root of all my suffering was, I learned how to enter the subconscious field anytime, anywhere and it was easy to make the changes I needed. I finally had a plan on how to heal. When I resigned from my job 6 months ago I began to focus on my health, new career, and being a better version of myself. I stopped living for everyone else and starting living for me. When I let go of my fear and embraced the unknown – This is when miracles began to unfold for me. Along with regular hypnotherapy sessions with Adrian, I did the assigned self-hypnosis work on my days in between sessions. I have lost 10kg and have balanced my sleeping cycle. I have wonderful energy and synchronicities are happening to me wherever I go. I am truly blessed and the magic of life reveals itself more and more to me each day. Thank you Adrian! Thank you Universe! Thank you God! Thank you, Me! Life is great!” May

Email Reviews

“For those looking to lose weight, I must recommend Adrian at UAE Hypnosis. The clinic offers an integrative hypnosis program that is effective and safe. They outline a customized plan for successful weight loss and introduce you to a new treatment to lose weight naturally without pills, surgery or medication. Like me you can enjoy your sessions in the peace and comfort of your own home or you can go right to the office. You will experience a unique approach to weight loss focusing on transforming behaviors and beliefs to create a healthier life.” Erin

“I just wanted to let you know that our precious Olivia is finally with us – she is doing great! Thank you so much for helping me and supporting me during this pregnancy it really paid off!” Victoria

“After working with Adrian money started flowing from my practice. Now I have a career of my choice that I like, plus money comes easily. The best invested money in healing myself and my relationship with money.” Iwaona

“After we did a session on allergies I had no more symptoms… the mind really has the power to shift something so instantly.” Annette

“On my third session Adrian used his insight to help me untangle a relationship I never saw as a problem. It was the most powerful session by far, and I didn’t even think I needed it! I felt such relief after that session. A weight I didn’t know I carried had been lifted off my chest. The bonus to all this was that my breathing improved immediately!” Kelly

“I had never tried hypnotherapy before but had heard of its miraculous results. I was very curious about the process. While working with Adrian on some important issues in my life, to make more money and increase my health, joy and grace, I made wonderful progress with hypnotherapy, so I recommend it gladly to anyone. Adrian is a very talented hypnotherapist and a very professional person. He really changed my life.” Cristina

“I discovered hypnotherapy last year and it changed my life. I found inside of me resources I didn’t know I possessed. Because of UAE Hypnosis I can say I have finally brought balance back to my life.” Ramona

“After retiring from over 40 years in two stressful careers, I looked to hypnotherapy for effective relief from violent and disturbing recurring dreams. Adrian’s empathetic guidance and expert application of deep regression therapy helped me reconcile my difficult past. The disturbing dreams have stopped, and I now live life with a renewed sense of peace and belonging. I strongly recommend Adrian as a highly skilled professional, as well as a very fine gentleman.” Jack

“I had four sessions for weight loss at UAE Hypnosis about eight months ago. The weight fell off effortlessly and has stayed off. More importantly was the journey of transformation Adrian led me on. Hypnosis allowed me to release my need for food and weight as a comfort. Now I embrace a healthy, whole self-esteem. ‘issues’ I’d struggled with for years dissolved in days and Adrian gave me tools to heal anything new that may present itself using self-hypnosis. I have experienced different therapists and many healing modalities and Adrian stands out. He is an extraordinary gifted and professional healer.” Linda

“Day 6 of my life as a non-smoker, and still going strong. As a matter of fact, I’m better every day! I am really impressed and very positively surprised that it works so well and so quickly. Especially as I have been wanting to stop smoking for a long time. I actually attended your sessions completely unprepared and just wanted to try it out. I definitely didn’t expect to come out as a non-smoker! Nevertheless, now I believe that I can do it and I can’t tell you how happy I am bout that. Therefore, I want to thank you!. You helped me to achieve something I didn’t dare to believe anymore.” Kristina

“Yes hypnosis works – and it is so effective. If anyone is considering to try it, hands down I’d encourage you to try it with Adrian Rusin. Thank you Adrian brilliant work. I love your dedication, intuition and discernment.” Asma

“I suffered from depression, anxiety, fear of public speaking and limiting beliefs for a long time. This made my life complicated. I sought out medical advice from psychiatrists and I had taken medicines but it had only temporary effects. Then I found UAE hypnotherapy center and started hypnotherapy sessions with Mr Adrian. After a few sessions I was receiving amazing results. Today I am a happy new person with more self confidence and positive thinking. Thank you Mr. Adrian for being professional and helpful.” Dr. Dalia

Anxiety & Panic Attack Review

“Hi I’m Marina. I decided to try hypnotherapy with Adrian at UAE Hypnosis when I was having issues with anxiety and panic attacks.

So last year when I was cleaning my kitchen I started to have trouble breathing which had never happened to me before. As I struggled to catch my breath my heart began speeding up and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I felt like I was losing control and I was afraid I was going to die. It was really scary and it lasted for about a half an hour.

After this happened I went to my doctor to see if he could explain what happened. He told me I had a panic attack and he prescribed me anti- anxiety medication, which I only took for a short time because it made my symptoms worse and I started to have the panic attacks more frequently. Then a friend recommended Adrian to me.

I met him for a 30 minute consultation. I choose the video chat option for convenience because driving and panic attacks don’t go well together. In the consultation, I started to understand why I was having these issues.

It felt really good talking to Adrian and knowing that there was hope to end these panic attacks without medication. He gave me the reassurance I was looking for because he has helped other people with the same issues I had. Adrian was very knowledgeable and kind and really listened to me.

So after I met with Adrian online I decided to book some sessions with him. I chose to work online again for my sessions because I was still scared to drive, I just felt more safe staying at home having my session resting on my own couch with my laptop.

The 4 sessions I had were powerful… and each more than the last. He helped me to relax my mind and find the root cause of my anxiety and panic attacks – and he gave me some new techniques on how to deal with certain thoughts as they arise.

My first session lasted a little over an hour but it felt like only 20 minutes had passed and I came out of that session feeling like I had more control over my thoughts and anxiety. By the end of the last session I was living my life like I used to before the panic attacks showed up.

The homework and exercises that Adrian gave me in between sessions really helped me to become aware of my thinking patterns and the way I perceive situations. Each session was filled with new techniques and dove deeper into my issues.

My hypnotherapy sessions got rid of my panic attacks and I can now better manage my anxiety. The sessions really changed my life and it’s something I never thought I would consider having to try. It’s so simple and it works really well.

I’m forever thankful to Adrian for his help and I highly recommend him to anyone.”

Marina – Dubai

Weight Loss Review

“I came to Adrian because I wanted to lose weight. I tried every diet out there. Some of them worked for a short time…. and I lost a few pounds…. but the weight would always come back.

My night eating and sugar habits were the reason the weight was there in the first place. But I already knew that. What I didn’t know was why I was driven to eat at night and why sugar was my best friend. Whenever I would look in the mirror I would feel sad and depressed because of what I looked like and how my clothes felt on. Nothing ever fit right and I always felt uncomfortable in public. Not feeling good enough, beautiful enough, skinny enough. Out of desperation and kind of a last resort I sought out hypnotherapy and found UAE Hypnosis online. I liked what I saw so I gave it a try.

I was very skeptical about hypnosis because I didn’t understand how it worked. But after my free online consultation with Adrian, I was convinced that it was going to work for me. His confidence and knowledge about the mind excited me to at least try one session.

Because I’m in NY, I had all my sessions online. After my first session I waited a week to see how I felt. I began to not crave the sugar as strongly and I was happy to not eat at night. Feeling motivated I booked the full package of 4 sessions to finish out my goal to lose the weight.

The sessions helped me have a different attitude toward food and exercise and I enjoy my new healthy lifestyle. I actually look forward to the gym now.

Its been 1 month since my last session with Adrian and I have already lost 12 pounds…. and I feel great! I know I have more weight to lose. But now I have the mind to get me there.

I’ve eliminated my unhealthy habits and replaced them with healthy habits so this time my weight loss is forever. It’s never coming back!

For this I thank Adrian and HIGHLY recommend him! Thank you!”

Karen – USA (Via Email with Permission)

Quit Smoking After 30 Years Review

“Hello, my name is Mike Banister. A few months ago I met with Adrian so I could quit smoking. I have tried to quit many times before but could never get past the 3rd day without caving in. The habit was annoying and took over my life. But when it got in the way of my last relationship, that’s when I decided to try hypnosis to see if it could help.

After Adrian helped me to see what the cause of my smoking was he helped me to release and heal the negative thought patterns I was holding onto. We worked on some childhood issues that was apparently still affecting me as an adult. By the second session he worked with me to replace smoking with a new better habit that I chose, which was drinking more water and exercising.

After the 4th session I didn’t have any more cravings for tobacco. I don’t know what he did but now when I think of the cigarette or see someone smoking I just feel happy that I don’t need it and I feel excited to drink my water and go for a walk. It’s funny how the mind works. It’s great, and now I have more energy, and feel happier… not to mention I smell better, which is helping me with women. I feel much more in control now.

Now that I know I can quit smoking for good I feel I can do pretty much anything. Hypnosis gives you the confidence you need to be a better person. Thanks Adrian!”

Mike – UK

Client Reviews

As with any therapy related program, your results using hypnosis and hypnotherapy may vary from these client testimonials. Your results will be based on many factors, such as your personal issue or goal, level of commitment, personal qualities, and a host of other factors. Since each individual is unique with different perceptions and beliefs, we cannot guarantee you any specific result. Hypnotherapy is not magic. It takes commitment and an “open mind.” We believe that we provide you a great set of tools and wisdom to achieve your desired results, and these clients agree.

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