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Hypnosis Abu Dhabi offers customized hypnotherapy sessions. Each session is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Customized Clinical Hypnotherapy

A more affordable and faster approach. Each session is tailored to meet your unique needs. You gain access to custom tools, audios, homework tasks, and accelerators for ongoing support. These resources are yours to keep, aiding you in sustaining your progress long-term.

When conducted under the guidance of a certified hypnotherapist, hypnosis can offer real results that last.

Real Results That Last

Real, lasting change is rooted in shifting your beliefs and understanding of yourself and your circumstances. To see genuine progress, you must adopt new perspectives and experience fresh insights. We help you to address the underlying issue for more effective and faster outcomes.

Past life regression uses hypnosis to unlock past life blockages. Our therapists can help you navigate to previous lives to uncover, and amend patterns affecting you today.

Past Life Regression

Unlock the secrets of your soul with Past Life Regression therapy. Here you can explore your past incarnations to reveal hidden patterns affecting your current life. This therapeutic journey provides spiritual wisdom, and actionable insights for transformative personal growth.

Hypnosis is the most powerful self-help system known to man, putting you in control of your thoughts and behaviors.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the most powerful self-help system known to man, putting you in control of your thoughts and behaviors.

It’s a unique experience that truly needs to be felt to be fully understood. While we can talk about its principles, theories, and the science behind it, the transformative power of hypnosis is something that’s best experienced firsthand. Unlike traditional therapy which often relies solely on talking through problems, hypnosis dives deeper, tapping into your subconscious mind where deep-seated beliefs and habits reside.

How does Hypnosis work? I empowers a person by bring up the negative thought patterns into conscious awareness where they can be amended.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis empowers you by bringing hidden, negative thoughts from your subconscious into conscious awareness.

Once these obstacles are exposed, specialized techniques help you neutralize or transform them. This clears the path for positive, superconscious insights to reach your active mind. The result is a direct experience of your deeper, more resourceful self, allowing for lasting change.

Scientific studies have provided evidence that hypnosis can affect various facets of the mind, such as perception, behavior, and even how the brain responds to pain.

Is There Scientific Evidence for Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is firmly grounded in neuroscience and supported by extensive empirical research on brain activity and behavioral outcomes.

Scientific studies have provided evidence that hypnosis can affect various facets of the mind, such as perception, behavior, and even how the brain responds to pain. Advances in neuroimaging have corroborated these findings by revealing distinct changes in brain activity during hypnosis, particularly in regions related to attention and sensory processing. During a hypnosis session, you enter a state of focused relaxation, allowing for more direct communication with your subconscious mind. This highly receptive state is consistent with current neuroscience research, reinforcing the role of hypnosis as a potent tool for self-improvement and healing.

We use a variety of hypnotherapy methods to assist you with self-improvement and healing. Each technique serves a unique purpose and is tailored to meet your individual needs.


We use a variety of hypnotherapy methods to assist you with self-improvement and healing. Each technique serves a unique purpose and is tailored to meet your individual needs. From Clinical Hypnotherapy to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, our wide array of methods ensures that you receive the most effective treatment for your specific challenges and goals.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy: Direct work with the root cause of issues for rapid results.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Uses language and other types of communication to reprogram behavior.
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy: Utilizes indirect suggestion and storytelling.
  • Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy: Concentrates on future goals rather than past problems.
  • Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis): Combines psychoanalysis with hypnotherapy.
  • Suggestion Therapy: Employs the power of direct suggestion to influence behavior.
  • Age Regression: Retrieves and analyzes memories from past events.
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT): Merges cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapy for quick transformation.
  • Self-Hypnosis Training: Teaches self-guided techniques for ongoing improvement.
  • Parts Therapy: Resolves internal conflicts through dialogue with various “parts” of oneself.
  • 5-PATH Hypnotherapy: A systematic approach that combines multiple techniques.

We have specialized solutions designed to address a diverse range of issues and help you achieve your goals.


Explore our services page. We have specialized solutions designed to address a diverse range of issues and help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re struggling with stress, eager to shed some pounds, navigating through grief, or looking to quit smoking, our specialized programs offer targeted interventions for lasting impact.

What is the cost of Hypnotherapy? We have different price plans and structures for adults, children and teens.

Cost, Fees, and Prices

How much is a hypnotherapy session in Abu Dhabi? Recognizing that everyone’s needs and commitment levels are different, we offer a range of price options. Our standard 90-minute hypnotherapy session is 700 dhs. We also offer discounted packages, as well as special price structures for children, teens and their families.

Successful clients share their hypnosis experience with our expert therapists in UAE.
Bethanie talks about how she was able to become an Olympic champion using the methods taught to her at our clinic.

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Hypnosis Abu Dhabi consultations and sessions are in the English Language.

Schedule your professional in-depth consultation and assessment. You benefit from learning if hypnotherapy is the right option for you.

  • Duration: 30 minutes via Zoom.
  • Fee: 100 DHS.
  • 100% client confidentiality.
  • Consultation is private, one-on-one meeting.
  • Customized hypnosis plan discussed.
  • Thorough explanation of hypnosis and what to expect.
  • Answers to all your personal questions.
  • No obligation to continue with sessions.

Hypnotherapy FAQ’s

Adrian answers your top questions from consultation to treatment outcomes. Here, we clarify and dispel any myths, ensuring that you are well-informed and confident as you decide to pursue hypnosis.

To begin with us, we highly recommend starting with a personalized consultation. This initial meeting serves as a mutual assessment, helping you and the therapist clearly identify your objectives and ensuring the most effective hypnotherapy techniques are used for your success. During the consultation, you’ll gain insight into our unique approach and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Book a Professional Consultation: 30 Minutes Via Zoom
  2. Assess Compatibility: After understanding the hypnotherapy process and your goals, decide if hypnosis is the right approach for you.
  3. Schedule Your Session: Our assistant will assist you in booking your personalized hypnotherapy session.
  4. Experience Transformation: Attend your session and experience the most powerful self-help tool known to man.

This simple four-step process ensures that you are fully informed and comfortable, setting the stage for effective and personalized hypnotherapy sessions.

Learn More and Schedule Consultation Here

The initial consultation serves as a critical foundation for your hypnotherapy journey. In this meeting, both you and your therapist aim to get on the same page about the therapeutic work to be undertaken. You’ll receive a clear, concise explanation of hypnosis, demystifying its principles from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. This helps set expectations for what you may experience physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Your therapist will guide you through the overall process, answering any questions you might have about upcoming sessions. To get a deeper understanding of your specific needs and objectives, your therapist will ask a series of targeted questions. This collaborative discussion ensures that both of you can confidently decide if hypnosis is the appropriate path for you.

After the consultation, you’ll receive an formal history and intake form via email. Filling out these documents helps your therapist in creating a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Before your first session, you’ll receive an intake form via email to fill out; this helps your therapist create a tailored treatment plan just for you. The session itself begins with an introductory exercise, where you’ll practice entering and exiting a hypnotic state (self-hypnosis) under the guidance of your therapist. This relaxation and familiarization phase ensures that you’re comfortable and optimally prepared for the therapeutic process. This initial practice typically takes around 10-15 minutes. Afterward, the therapist will discuss the results with you, setting the stage for the main therapeutic session to commence.

The remainder of the session is a deep dive into your subconscious mind. Here, you’ll explore perceptions, events, and emotional blockages that could be preventing you from achieving your goals or moving forward in life. Your therapist uses advanced hypnotherapy techniques to help you confront these barriers and initiate transformative changes.

The number of sessions you may need can vary widely based on your individual goals, responsiveness to hypnotherapy, and personal preferences. Typically, the first session lays the groundwork for your therapeutic experience, with subsequent sessions dedicated to fine-tuning techniques, assessing your progress, and diving deeper into your treatment goals. Many clients find that they achieve their goals within 4 to 8 sessions. Your therapist will work with you to assess your progress and recommend a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your needs.

Hypnotherapy is not magic and it isn’t something that’s “done” to you; rather, it’s a collaborative process that empowers you to harness your own mind’s potential. In essence, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You maintain control over your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions throughout the experience. Your therapist acts as a skilled guide, helping you navigate the path to self-awareness and change, but you’re the one steering the journey. Thus, hypnotherapy is a partnership focused on helping you achieve your personal goals.

Absolutely, research supports the effectiveness of hypnosis for managing symptoms of nervousness, worry, and depression. Prestigious medical institutions like Stanford University’s Center for Integrative Medicine employ hypnosis as a treatment for a variety of issues—ranging from mental health concerns like depression and anxiety to physical issues such as pain management, smoking cessation, and the side effects of medical treatments. The use of hypnosis by healthcare professionals at globally recognized institutions attests to its efficacy. However, to fully appreciate the impact of hypnosis on these conditions, it’s important to first understand the underlying mechanisms of worry, depression, and nervousness.

In a study from 2019, individuals who underwent hypnosis experienced an average reduction in anxiety levels of over 79%, compared to those who did not receive hypnotherapy.

A research study conducted in 2021 found that hypnosis effectively lessened symptoms of anxiety in women who were postmenopausal, irrespective of their susceptibility to being hypnotized.

Learn more about hypnosis by visiting the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis is a premier journal that focuses on the science and practice of clinical and experimental hypnosis. The journal primarily seeks empirical research articles, clinical trials, neurophysiological studies, and research-based reviews or meta-analyses. It also considers well-designed case studies and original research related to hypnosis in various fields including psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and nursing. The journal aims to present high-quality research in the field of hypnosis and foster ongoing scientific inquiry.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy serve as direct pathways to well-being, personal achievement, and inner peace. By tapping into your subconscious mind, hypnosis enables you to unlock an unparalleled potential for rapid and lasting change. Your subconscious is like a reservoir of universal wisdom, containing the tools you need to transform negative beliefs and regain personal empowerment. Through hypnosis, you can foster positive shifts, align with your spiritual self, and better understand the fundamental principles that govern all aspects of life.

Learn More About How Hypnosis Works Here

  1. Anxiety and Stress: Experiencing perpetual tension and dread stems from anticipating negative future outcomes. Hypnotherapy teaches you to identify the subconscious triggers and adopt a balanced mental state.

  2. Asthma Relief: Asthma symptoms are often linked to underlying emotional stressors. While medication can relieve the muscle spasms in your lungs, our hypnotherapy program aims to address the root emotional cause for a lasting solution.

  3. Cancer Support: Hypnotherapy serves as a supplementary treatment for managing the side effects of cancer treatments, such as worry, pain and nausea. Leading medical institutions vouch for its effectiveness. [Stanford Medicine Explains – Learn More]

  4. Managing Depression: Understand and counteract the root causes of depressive feelings through hypnosis by replacing negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts.

  5. Exam and Interview Preparation: Achieve heightened focus and memory recall through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy techniques.

  6. Overcoming Fears: Confront and dispel your fears by revisiting their origins through a blend of NLP and hypnotherapy.

  7. Breaking Bad Habits: Hypnotherapy aids in freeing you from detrimental habits like smoking and procrastination by reframing your thought patterns.

  8. Sleep Quality: Train your body to enter a restorative sleep state through hypnotherapy, enhancing your overall wellness.

  9. Relationship Enrichment: Hypnosis helps you build fulfilling relationships by resolving subconscious issues rooted in early life experiences.

  10. Pain Control: Pain is often subjective, influenced by your past experiences and perceptions. Hypnotherapy enables you to reinterpret these sensations, reducing your reliance on medications.

  11. Handling Panic Attacks: Our approach equips you with the cognitive tools to preemptively manage panic attacks and stay in control of your reactions.

  12. Public Speaking: Alleviate the stress of public speaking by targeting the subconscious fears and reframing them positively through hypnotherapy.

  13. Smoking Cessation: Our comprehensive program tackles the underlying reasons for your smoking habit and preps you for future triggers so you can become a non-smoker.

  14. Sports Performance: Athletes can boost their performance by incorporating psychological techniques and self-hypnosis to focus and excel.

  15. Stuttering Alleviation: Stuttering is often linked to traumatic emotional events from your past. Hypnotherapy helps you recontextualize these events to improve your speech.

  16. Weight Loss: Explore the deep-rooted beliefs that contribute to weight gain. Hypnotherapy retrains your mind to adopt healthy choices effortlessly.

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to explore what is believed to be memories of past lives or incarnations. This form of therapy or spiritual exploration is rooted in the concept of reincarnation, the idea that a single soul may inhabit multiple bodies across different lifetimes.

In a past life regression session, a trained therapist guides a person into a trance state. In the trance state people can access memories, emotions, and experiences that were theirs in a previous life. The aim of uncovering these memories is to identify past experiences that may be influencing one’s present life, whether through current behaviors, relationships, fears, or even physical conditions.

The benefits of past life regression can vary, but many people report significant emotional healing, increased self-awareness, and a greater understanding of personal relationships and patterns. Some people also say that it helps them to resolve issues that have been persistent in their lives, allowing for a more fulfilling and purposeful present and future.

Hypnosis is considered to be a safe therapeutic modality when conducted by trained and qualified professionals. In most cases, people experience no adverse side effects from hypnosis. However, it is essential to note that hypnosis should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment, but rather as an adjunctive form of therapy to complement other treatments.

For certain people, hypnosis might not be recommended or should be approached with caution. These may include people with severe mental health issues such as psychosis, or individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation before undergoing any form of hypnotherapy, especially if you have a pre-existing medical or psychological condition.

In qualified hands, hypnosis is a powerful tool for change and healing. It has been successfully used in many different medical and psychological contexts, including pain management, stress reduction, and treatment for certain behavioral issues like smoking cessation. Always ensure that you are working with a certified and experienced practitioner to guarantee the safest and most effective experience.

Meet the Hypnotherapy Abu Dhabi Expert

Consultant Hypnotherapist

Adrian Rusin is a certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist, educator, and researcher with over 2 decades of experience in the field. Trained in the United States, he is also the co-creator of the innovative HypLife™ hypnotherapy methods. He has earned international recognition for his transformative client work, groundbreaking research, and contributions to the training of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Philosophy: Hypnosis is not something that ‘happens’ to you; it’s a natural state of mind. It serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery, leading to happier, healthier lives without fear for many. Some even experience shifts in awareness so profound that it forever changes their outlook on life.” — Adrian Rusin 

Notable Roles: 

  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs: Hypnosis Trainer for medical staff serving veterans.
  • National Institutes of Health: Researcher focused on the integrative benefits of hypnosis.
  • International Lecturer and Speaker: Educates audiences globally on empowering and healing through hypnosis.
  • Private Practice Therapist: Guiding individuals towards transformative change for over two decades.

Vision: Adrian aims to reshape the public’s understanding of hypnosis by highlighting its scientific and therapeutic value. He is committed to educating people through private sessions, lectures, and workshops on the immense potential of the human mind for healing and change.

Learn More About Adrian Here

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