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Discover a powerful part of yourself that can heal, create and alter outcomes.

With hypnotherapy you uncover vital information about what’s possible. Our work goes beyond traditional therapy – connecting you to a higher source of wisdom within.

What we provide:
Clinical Hypnotherapy: Work directly with the root cause of issues to achieve better results in less time.
Regression Therapy & Past Life Regression: Explore karma and dharma as a spiritual exploration to obtain wisdom, heal and transform.
Efficient Therapy: Providing a lower cost and shorter time than traditional psychotherapy.
Lasting Change:Becoming the ideal image of yourself has everything to do with your beliefs and perceptions about why your life is the way it is. To make real measurable change you have to come to a new understanding of self and the world so that you can take on new knowledge and have new experiences.
Ongoing Support: You receive access to personalized accelerators, audios and homework exercises to use in-between and after live sessions to help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Download your tools to have forever.

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Personalized, in-depth consultation/assessment from Clinical, Medical Support Hypnotherapist, Educator and Regression Therapy expert, Adrian Rusin. You benefit from learning if hypnotherapy is the right option for you.

  • Duration 30 minutes. 100 DHS.
  • 100% client confidentiality.
  • Consultation is private, one-on-one meeting.
  • Customized hypnosis plan discussed.
  • Thorough explanation of hypnosis and what to expect.
  • Answers to all your personal questions.
  • No obligation to continue with sessions.

Learn why hypnotherapy is the most effective way to create a new reality!

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Therapy for – individuals, couples and teens

Achieve your goals and improve mental well-being. Experience live hypnotherapy sessions from leading hypnotherapist Adrian Rusin.

All sessions and consultations are in the English Language.

Popular Hypnosis Programs

Experience free hypnosis to help you reach your goals.
Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program
Hypnosis session customized to your specific needs, wants, and desires.
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How hypnosis can help you

End Excessive Worry & Nervousness – Learn how to settle the mind and body by taking control of your thoughts. Take control of your neurology and biology and create new experiences.

Depression Treatment – Break the chemical and emotional cycle of depression and enter a new state of being with hypnotherapy.

Weight Loss – Create new behaviors with hypnosis. Stop the unconscious snacking and diet sabotage. You can recreate your body with a new mind.

Quit Smoking – Overcome smoking habits by easing your daily stress or depression. Smoking is an innate drive to get relief from negative feelings. Learn to change your behaviors with hypnotherapy.

Anxious, Nervous & Worried – This is a result of being hyper-alert – being in constant preparation for upcoming stressful events and experiences. Being anxious is when you are imagining your future in negative ways. You can manage your nervousness and learn through hypnosis how to become aware of your subconscious thoughts and feelings connected to imagined negative outcomes.

Asthma – Asthma is simply a symptom of an underlying emotional issue. Asthma is not a disease and there is always an initial sensitizing event causing fear, worry and nervous tension producing muscle spasms in the lungs. Medication can relax the spasms. However, we use hypnosis to help you relax naturally creating immediate relief.  Our program combines relaxation with removing the initial sensitizing event to have life-long relief.

Cancer Care – Hypnosis can be used as integrative treatment and palliative care for cancer patients and can be effective in treating the side effects of cancer treatment such pain, nausea, fatigue, hot flashes, and sleep disorders. See what the medical experts say here: cancernetwork.com

Depression / Sadness – There is a formula for depression and sadness. You can remove depressive thoughts and replace them with positive and successful thoughts. By understanding and treating the underlying cause of depression you are able to reprogram beliefs and perceptions and set yourself free.

Exam / Interview Success – Learn how to become incredibly focused. Use the power of your mind to organize, memorize and recall information with confidence and ease. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Fears / Phobias – By regressing back to the initial cause of the fear we are able to remove the belief and perception you have around it. Combining Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with hypnosis we can reverse your fears and phobias. When you change the belief, you change the result.

Habits / Dependency  Forming negative habits and becoming dependent on a specific thing is when you repeatedly make the same choices to feel comfortable and live predictably in the known. With hypnosis you can be free of unwanted habits such as smoking, overeating, alcohol, video-gaming, procrastination, unhealthy relationships and many other negative patterns.

Insomnia / Sleep – Teach your body to sleep better and restore itself to achieve balance, vitality and energy. Wake up feeling alert and focused. With hypnosis you can program your autonomic nervous system so that your hormone systems are more balanced, your immune system is stronger and your brain and body work better.

Marriage / Relationships – With hypnosis you can build a new belief that you deserve to have a good life, and this is where we start. You learn that you unconsciously attract into your life relationships that reflect what you need to resolve with one of your parents. Your earliest relationships, especially with your mother, significantly impacts how you are able to connect to others today. We use specific techniques to help you resolve issues of the past, in your mind, so they don’t get in the way of today’s relationships.

Pain Management – Pain is the universal form of stress. It is the interpretation of the sensations of pressure, touch, temperature and disorder. Your perception of pain is based upon past experiences, knowledge and environment. We use hypnosis to perceive the situation differently. In the treatment of pain, hypnosis has been found to be reliable in replacing medication with no danger of dependency.

Panic Attacks – Stop panic attacks. This therapy helps you recognize the source of your stress and worry providing you the tools and techniques you need to stop panic attacks before they escalate. Putting you in control so your environment doesn’t control you.

Pubic Speaking – Speaking in public for most people creates tension, panic and nervousness. These feelings can be reduced or removed by addressing the underlying cause and using suggestive therapy while in hypnosis. We can remove the fearful thoughts, induce relaxation and increase your ability for focused concentration leading you to be a confident, in control public speaker.

Quit Smoking – We have a fully equipped program to help you to quit smoking for good. Get to the root cause of your smoking habit and reprogram the mind, body and brain to overcome it.  You are prepared for future situations you may face and are given action steps in between each session to help you solidify your goal.

Sports Performance – Combining sports psychology and hypnosis, athletes can achieve it all. Learn to develop a proper mental attitude toward performance. Get the psychological skills needed to perform at elite levels. Learn the proper use of self-hypnosis to enhance performance. Learn to access valuable resources that you may have lost touch with.

Stuttering – Science has revealed that stuttering is a manifestation of an inner neurosis and usually begins in childhood due to a high emotional event. With hypnosis we take you mentally back to the initial sensitizing event and reprogram the mind to perceive the event to not be difficult. Together we remove the emotional disorder so your stuttering can disappear.

Weight Loss – Our comprehensive program uses NLP and hypnotherapy to help you succeed at losing weight and keeping it off. Get to the root cause of your weight issue, overcome it and reprogram the mind to create new healthy habits. You are most likely overweight because of a belief and perception of a past event that you are not consciously aware of.  In hypnosis you regress back to the initial sensitizing event so you can learn to perceive it differently. With a new perception running your mind, your thoughts, actions and behavior follow. You begin to make healthier choices naturally so you can lose weight quickly and easily.

Private Sessions – Sessions for local UAE clients and global clients abroad. We can provide you with private, secure sessions from anywhere in the world. All you need is high-speed internet and a comfortable place to relax. We send you a link to connect with your therapist at your scheduled session time. Simple, secure and convenient.

  • Secure – We use bank grade security methods, so you can simply relax and enjoy your session on phone, tablet or computer.
  • Effective – Studies show people achieve their therapy goals more quickly from home due to their comfort level and ability to open up to the process.
  • Lower Cost – We don’t have to pass on the costs of office fees, so online hypnotherapy sessions are at a lower cost.

Customized Audios – Have a customized self-hypnosis audio created for you and your specific goals.

Hypnosis MP3’s – Download self-hypnosis audios now and get started on something new.

Training Events – Learn hypnosis. Live, global events, training & workshops.

Doctor Developed ProgramsCreated by a multidisciplinary group of professionals that wanted a program addressing every aspect of patient health. Because people aren’t parts they are whole, and there needed to be a program to treat the whole person.

Discover and Heal the Root Cause Through hypnosis we help you access a broad range of information about your background at a deeper psychological level in your subconscious mind. This includes information about possible childhood distress, interaction with parents, guardians and your upbringing, your mental attitude about life and your overall belief system and perceptions.

Private Care and Customized Treatment This is not traditional talk therapy. Hypnosis helps you discover the underlying causes of your issues like worry & nervousness, depression, negative habits and dependency, anger, shame, and fears. Healing is remembering who you truly are – It is a deeper spiritual wisdom within your core. We help you reconnect to your core in the areas of your consciousness where you have become disconnected.

Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy We have created our regression sessions in such a way that the rhythm of the session helps you to relax and move into a higher state of consciousness. In this state you are directly connected to your higher self and may receive images, feelings, and an intuition that goes beyond the normal everyday information you receive. You are safe and protected and taught how to accept only the information that holds true to your higher good.

Secure, Private, Safe – You and your information are secure with us. No matter how you choose to meet we follow strict HIPAA standards for client confidentiality. This means only you and your therapist know about your hypnotherapy sessions. We don’t record sessions. If you choose to record your own that is fine – please bring your own recording device.

Holistic, Natural, Integrative Therapy Providing a clinically effective and natural way to help our clients and patients. Get to know the root cause of your issues and experience new and natural ways to  stabilize your mood and overall health in this integrative mind-body solution.

Hypnotherapy FAQ’s

Adrian answers your top hypnosis questions

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments there is. It has transformed millions of lives and seeded the development of numerous innovations and breakthroughs.

How do I start? 

We suggest starting with a consultation.

Start with a professional consultation. This ensures that both you and the therapist have a clear idea of what goals need to be achieved for your success. Your therapist can explain to you how he works, so you know what to expect in your live sessions. Your therapist answers all your questions and together you learn if hypnosis is right for you.

  • Step 1: Sign up for a professional consultation (via phone, tablet or computer)
  • Step 2: Decide if hypnosis right for you.
  • Step 3: Schedule your session with our assistant Anna.
  • Step 4: Experience your session.
  • [Book Consultation Here]


How many sessions is recommended? After your first session, subsequent sessions are often recommended and focus on evaluating response, refining techniques and further pursuing the therapeutic goals. The number of sessions needed varies for each person and depends upon the response, goals and interest of the client. Many clients feel complete and reach their goals in 4-8 sessions.

What happens in a session? You are emailed an intake form to complete to help your therapist create a proper treatment plan. At the beginning of the first session, hypnosis is explored through a standard series of assessment in whic your therapist has you practice going into and out of hypnosis (self-hypnosis), relaxing and deepening your development so that you are comfortable and ready for the therapeutic process. This necessary initial practice step takes about 10-15 minutes. The results are discussed and you proceed with the therapy session.

What happens in a consultation? We believe it is best for both parties to first understand and discuss the hypnotherapy work to be accomplished together before agreeing on future therapy sessions.  In the initial consultation, clients are efficiently educated on the truth about hypnosis and what to expect physically, mentally and emotionally. Your therapist breaks down the whole process in a quick, easy and logical way so that you are able to understand from a scientific and spiritual standpoint how hypnosis really works.  You review logistics and answer any questions you may have about a future hypnotherapy session. You are asked a series of questions for your therapist to better know you and your therapeutic goals. Together you are able know if hypnosis is the right option before moving forward. After the initial consultation is complete you are emailed an intake and formal history form to complete to help your therapist create a proper treatment plan

How is hypnotherapy administered? Hypnosis cannot be administered. Hypnosis is a tool and technique where you control your own mind, your own thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are never able to control anyone else in any way with hypnosis. You always are putting yourself into hypnosis. Your theapist is simply a guide helping you get there.

Does hypnosis work for nervousness, worry and depression? Research has shown that Hypnosis for depression, worry and nervousness does work. Medical institutions like Stanford University – Center for Integrative Medicine in California, USA treats not only nervousness and depression but many other medical issues with hypnosis. Issues such as pain management, smoking cessation, medical treatment side effects like nausea and vomiting, stress management, phobias, neurological issues and cancer are also being successfully treated with hypnosis by medical professionals at top institutions worldwide. Hypnosis provides positive effects and benefits for those struggling with nervousness, worry and depression. However, to fully understand why, you must first understand – What is worry? What is depression? Where does nervousness come from?

What is hypnosis and how does it work? Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a direct source to peace, health and goal achievement. Connecting you with your own internal resources, you can achieve higher states of consciousness to manifest what you want rapidly and easily. Hypnosis is a way for you to easily access your subconscious mind and enter the world of unlimited potential. Because the subconscious mind contains the refined wisdom of universal consciousness, it holds within it the ability to help change negative beliefs and reclaim personal power. It guides you toward positive change, to enter into partnership with spirit, and re-learn the universal laws by which everything is governed.


hypnotist dubai adrian rusin

Therapist Adrian Rusin

Consultant Hypnotherapist

Internationally recognized as an educator and innovator for personal transformation. Adrian Rusin is an American trained medical support – clinical hypnotherapist known for bridging science, hypnosis and spirituality in clinical studies with the National Institutes of Health. Through his enlightening lectures worldwide he helps transform the lives of students and clients using the most up to date knowledge, tools and techniques of hypnosis and mind-body treatment.

An Educator Leading the Field | Adrian Rusin, certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist, educator and researcher. Trained and educated in the United States, and co-creator of the HypLife™ hypnotherapy methods. Internationally recognized as a leader in the field of clinical hypnotherapy due to numerous client breakthroughs, transformations, international training and research initiatives. Providing hypnotherapy services for 20 years.   Therapist, Researcher, Speaker “Hypnosis is a natural state, not something that happens to you. Hypnosis is a learning and creative process of the mind. Many discover themselves and go on to live happier, healthier lives without fear. Some connect with levels of awareness so intense that their perception of life is forever changed. Others become explorers of wisdom and truth and add hypnosis as a new routine to their life.”— Adrian Rusin
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs – Hypnosis Trainer for medical staff working with veterans.
  • Researcher for National Institutes of Health – The benefits of hypnosis as an integrative therapy.
  • International Lecturer and Speaker – Teaching the world how to empower and heal using the mind through hypnosis.
  • Therapist – Guiding clients in private practice for over 20 years.
More About Adrian Rusin [Click Here] | Shifting the way hypnosis is often viewed, Adrian shines a light of truth and honesty on the ancient practice of hypnotherapy. Dedicated to the practice, he enlightens the world through private sessions, lectures and workshops on how our mind functions. His mission is to teach you how your body can heal itself and how you can attract new experiences to you.

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