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Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching

in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We want our clients to have a powerful, customized experience compared to all the other therapies they have tried before.

We want you to feel relaxed, safe and confident in your sessions and with the solutions we propose. Because through our experience, passion and competence, we guarantee outstanding results.

Each session is excellently equipped with the latest skills and tools of hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching to assure you get the results you seek. We have created a relaxing atmosphere ensuring full privacy and confidentiality in a friendly inviting environment. We invite you with an open mind and compassion to reach your goals.

Our mission is simple:

”We create strong, healthy prosperous people.”

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What Else do we do?

Hypnotherapy and NLP Certification Training


Hyplife™ – Hypnotherapy Training

A 10 week Hypnotherapy and NLP Certification Course

Hyplife™ – Hypnotherapy Training is a leading hypnotherapy school for the wisdom seekers and healers of tomorrow. We teach you the in demand skills, tools and secrets of the trade you need to really help people and run a thriving hypnotherapy business. Learn hypnosis, NLP, and Life Coaching for yourself or to help others.

Enrollment for this exclusive experience is only open once per calendar year so mark your calendar now.

“It’s like I have a secret, like I know things others don’t. I feel different than others now. Not better, just wiser.” – Henry Beckett, UK

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Our Passionate Team

Adrian Rusin
Adrian RusinLead Hypnotherapist, Lead Instructor & Founder
Anna Larson
Anna LarsonOffice Manager
Amanda Lee
Amanda LeeHypnotherapy Student Support Director
Hypnotherapy Centre Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Why They Chose UAE Hypnosis

“My sessions with Adrian at UAE Hypnosis were exactly what I needed. I have recovered my self-esteem and developed a brand new belief about myself and what I can achieve. Mastering the skill of focused attention has helped me skyrocket my career. ”

– George Papagheorghe

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More Testimonials

Having a few sessions with Adrian was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! He is incredibly supportive and patient and has extensive knowledge on hypnotherapy and how the mind works. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and it has had a profound impact on my life, both emotionally and physically - my chronic allergies issues that I was dealing with for years has practically disappeared. Adrian is the best hypnotherapist - highly recommended!
Azmaira Halani
06:09 28 Dec 17
Adrian at UAE Hypnosis is a wonderful hypnotherapist. He is genuinely kindhearted and is truly passionate about helping people on their journeys of self-growth and healing. He has incredible knowledge about the super-conscious mind and as a result can help guide you on the path to finding balance and peace. You are in very good hands with Adrian!
Theresa&jay Mercer
19:16 09 Oct 17
My sessions with Adrian have been life changing. Adrian is very comfortable to talk with and is extremely supportive throughout the sessions. Unlike other hypnotherapy sessions I've tried, Adrian doesn't dwell on analyzing negative emotions but works on healing the root of the problem. Highly recommended!
Aneela H
15:47 30 Oct 17
Adrian is the top therapist for weight loss. He is dedicated to his clients and allows you to have email follow-up conversations in between sessions. You are supported 100%. I have tried other hypnotherapists in UAE and had no luck. Adrian is different, he customizes each session for you personally. No script reading, this is the real thing! I lost 5 kilos in my first month after working with him. He is honest, compassionate and will help you reach your goals!
Daniel Mois
15:16 26 Oct 17

What are the Benefits of Working with UAE Hypnosis?

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How can we help you?

Hypnotherapy Programs

Focused on Your Health

Weight Loss Program

UAE’s most sought after weight loss program. Designed for you to lose fat, boost metabolism, change inefficient behaviors, and increase energy. A powerful and unique combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to achieve your personal weight loss goals. 

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Smoking Cessation Program

Clinically proven smoking cessation program addressing the root cause of smoking, eliminating the need and want to smoke, improving health, increasing energy and preventing weight gain. A natural and effective solution to quit smoking using Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching.

Learn More

Anxiety Program

Clinically proven drug-free program to combat unwanted anxiety. Utilizing the tools of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to help make your life easier, happier, and more fulfilling.

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After waiting a year to try hypnosis, I dove right in and did it. It lifted me right out of my depression at the deepest level.” Karen Singleton, Abu Dhabi

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