We are internationally recognized as a leader in the field of clinical hypnotherapy due to our numerous client breakthroughs, transformations and research initiatives.

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This is not talk therapy. Although traditional psychotherapy and mental health services allow you to spend a significant amount of time talking through issues, hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of your issue, so you can heal and achieve more quickly and efficiently.

At UAE Hypnosis we’ve helped thousands of individuals permanently transform issues and achieve life-long goals. We help you uncover the real reasons you have the issue. You understand why it is you engage in negative behavior and why you may hold onto certain beliefs. We guide you through the process of resolving these issues with hypnosis so that you transform yourself from the core. You are able to cultivate a new purpose and passion for life and live each day with health, peace and happiness.

Hypnotherapy is simple, yet powerful and creates the lasting change you seek naturally.

One-on-one customized treatment

Doctor developed programs

90-minute hypnotherapy sessions

Holistic, integrative therapy

Meet in Dubai or Abu Dhabi Offices

At your home sessions (optional)


Our online treatment sessions and programs focus on the root cause of your issues as if you were in the office. With many clients requesting hypnotherapy on the go, we are able to provide you with full 90-minute private, secure sessions from anywhere in the world on our UAE hosted video-call system. We use bank grade security methods, so you can simply relax and enjoy your session.

Many individuals prefer working from home as they are able to achieve better results. This is because they relax more easily in their own home opposed to a clinical office setting. When you are more relaxed you are more easily able to express yourself emotionally – allowing for bigger, better transformation to occur.

We help you resolve your issues and reach your goals from your smartphone, tablet or computer. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a comfortable place to relax. We send you a link to connect with your therapist at your scheduled session time. It’s that simple and convenient.

And because we don’t have to pass on the costs of office fees, online hypnotherapy sessions are at a lower cost.

Easily meet online from smartphone, tablet or computer

Studies show people achieve their therapy goals more quickly from home due to their comfort level and ability to open up to the process.

Start with an online consultation to experience what it’s like to work online before you make a decision.

“Our goal and mission is to help our clients overcome issues and achieve goals quickly, efficiently and naturally. We strive to be the leading hypnotherapy center in UAE guiding people to change negative beliefs, discovering their inner power to heal and to develop and live a purpose filled life.”

Client Confidentiality


Mary Ellen Hiltz
Mary Ellen HiltzConfidence
“Social anxiety completely paralyzed my life. After hypnosis I’m doing things I never thought I was capable of.”
Rieu Family
Rieu FamilyMarriage Success
“Our therapist Adrian was kind, compassionate and understanding. His patience and knowledge was exactly what our marriage needed to thrive.”
Anthony Borrelli
Anthony BorrelliPublic Speaking Master
“I have mastered the art of public speaking. No more panic attacks.”