Go From Thinking to Being The Person You Want to Become.

You are most likely here because your work to make lasting change in your life up until now has fallen short.

You’re not who you desire to be at a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The reason you’re not the ideal image of yourself has everything to do with your beliefs and perceptions about why your life is the way it is. To make real measurable change you have to come to a new understanding of self and the world so that you can take on new knowledge and have new experiences.

Hypnotherapy Dubai with Adrian Rusin

In Your Sessions You’ll Learn How To:

Re-program your subconscious mind.

Re-map neural pathways and improve brain functioning.

Change your genetic expression, body and health.

Take control, improve intuition, increase energy.

Enter the unified field of infinite possibilities.

Draw new experiences to you.

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Helping thousands of people permanently transform their life.

Overcome Fears, Improve Relationships, Heal the Body, Stop Stress and Panic, Defeat Depression, Design Your Future.


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Meet Your Local Hypnotherapist

Adrian Rusin, certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist.

Trained and educated in the United States, local Dubai therapist, and co-creator of  the HypLifehypnotherapy methodsInternationally recognized as a leader in the field of clinical hypnotherapy due to numerous client breakthroughs, transformations and research initiatives. Providing hypnotherapy services for 20 years.

Meet Adrian

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With Adrian Rusin

Adrian Rusin is an American trained medical support – clinical hypnotherapist known for bridging science, hypnosis and spirituality in clinical studies with the National Institutes of Health. Through his enlightening lectures and clinical practice in Dubai and Abu Dhabi he helps transform the lives of students and clients using the most up to date knowledge, tools and techniques of hypnosis and mind-body treatment.

“Hypnosis is a natural state, not something that happens to you. Hypnosis is a learning and creative process of the mind. Many discover themselves and go on to live happier, healthier lives without fear. Some connect with levels of awareness so intense that their perception of life is forever changed. Others become explorers of wisdom and truth and add hypnosis as a new routine to their life.”
— Adrian Rusin

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What is Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis is a direct source to peace, health and goal achievement. Connecting you with your own internal resources, you can achieve higher states of consciousness to manifest what you want rapidly and easily.

Hypnosis is a way for you to easily access your subconscious mind and enter the world of unlimited potential. Because the subconscious mind contains the refined wisdom of universal consciousness, it holds within it the ability to help change negative beliefs and reclaim personal power. It guides you toward positive change, to enter into partnership with spirit, and re-learn the universal laws by which everything is governed. With hypnosis you are guided directly to the core of your subconscious and super-conscious mind, helping you to rediscover your own natural power, putting you in control.

Hypnotherapy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is perhaps one of the most effective treatments there is. It has transformed millions of lives and seeded the development of numerous innovations. In a very specific and detailed way, hypnosis guides you to redesign your beliefs, behaviors and emotions so you can achieve goals, overcome fears, improve health and create better relationships. Mysterious and powerful, it is the hidden masterpiece of which you must experience and discover for total awakening.

Mary Ellen Hiltz
Mary Ellen HiltzConfidence
“Social anxiety completely paralyzed my life. After hypnosis I’m doing things I never thought I was capable of.”
Rieu Family
Rieu FamilyMarriage Success
“Our therapist Adrian was kind, compassionate and understanding. His patience and knowledge was exactly what our marriage needed to thrive.”
Anthony Borrelli
Anthony BorrelliPublic Speaking Master
“I have mastered the art of public speaking. No more panic attacks.”
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Program Your Mind to be a Confident Public Speaker

Free Hypnosis Audio UAE Hypnosis

In this self-hypnosis audio you’ll learn strategies that’ll encourage you to speak with confidence in front of small and large groups of people. Begin to program your mind to make speaking in public easy and enjoyable. Written and recorded by Adrian Rusin CMS-CHT.

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