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Get the confidence you need to speak easily in front of people. Work one-on-one with UAE’s premier hypnotherapist, Adrian Rusin. Be guided to the root cause of your fear and overcome it. Mr. Rusin teaches you the skill of self-hypnosis specifically for public speaking. Be prepared for any speaking situation, whether you are speaking in front of large or small group of people. Hypnosis is a lifelong tool to be calm, confident and in control wherever you are.

Hypnosis for Fear of Public Speaking Does It Work?

It is actually healthy to respond to an external stimulus in a fearful manor. We should be in a heightened state when we are doing things that are intense and pose a threat to us. For some people however, public speaking is the threat that sets off such things like panic attacks and sets our bodies off balance.

The fear of public speaking becomes an issue when it interferes with our everyday life. For a person who battles the fear of speaking in front of others, just a quick presentation in front of a small group of colleagues can be an absolute challenge mentally and physically. The overwhelming worry and panic from pure anticipation of speaking events can make one physically ill. The body creates a chain of chemical reactions acting as if they were in a dangerous encounter, even though the person is in no real threat.

Hypnotherapy for public speaking Dubai and Abu Dhabi

A chain of recurring, highly stimulating, emotionally tense events that occur over and over again in a short amount of time repeatedly activate the body’s stress response. If the stress response is activated and can’t turn off, the body goes into survival mode and is prepped for danger and emergency. In this state the body is not in balance and is highly stimulated.

Hypnosis helps prevent the mind from perceiving the people around them as a threat. It also stops the mind from unconsciously creating a worst-case scenario event in which the body responds to. When the mind creates an imaginary worst-case scenario based on some past event or belief, the body enters into panic mode. The anxiety of a person with the fear of public speaking can go from 0 to 100 in a second. Clients who engage in hypnosis for fear of public speaking Dubai and Abu Dhabi are able to refocus their attention in the right way. With hypnosis my clients learn how to take control of their mind and live in a future reality of confidence and calmness, in the present moment.

The body is a result of the subconscious mind, beliefs and perceptions. It doesn’t know the difference between a real experience that creates an emotion or when the emotion is created by thought alone. Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking helps keep the body in balance by discovering and overcoming any emotional event that triggered the fear in the first place. Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking also teaches you how to keep control of your thoughts in the present moment so you don’t get lost in the stories of the mind.

The functioning of the body when the fear of public speaking strikes can be quite alarming. People report accelerated heart rate, shallow breathing, extreme sweating, flush skin, light-headedness and the body believes it’s in danger (fight or flight mode). When this happens, the sympathetic nervous system activates and takes control.

Good news, it is possible to reverse this survival response and teach a person through hypnosis, to become aware of their subconscious thoughts and emotions associated to an imagined event. With hypnosis you get beyond the analytical mind straight to the subconscious mind, where it is possible to change the program you’re currently running from. You can learn to settle the mind, brain and body into the present moment so you can feel safe, calm, and be more balanced.

With hypnosis for public speaking Dubai and Abu Dhabi you learn how to create a new body response from your mind. My clients create peace, joy and happiness just by doing the exact same process that created the negative reactions in the first place. Because when they consciously choose a new future with a successful, joyful experience and emotionally take on that future with the same desire that created their fear, over time they train their bodies to believe that it is living in that future event and subconsciously become the mind of joy, calmness, success, confidence and peace.

“I too struggled with the fear of public speaking and can confirm that hypnosis does work . . . my “go to” preparation for any large speaking event is the self-hypnosis audio recording that Adrian made for me after one of our sessions together. It quickly sets the tone of the event and guides me to be the confident, educated and highly respected authority that I need to be.” 

Samuel Taylor – Dubai

So many of my clients from around the world who have experienced hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking have cured themselves from the past that used to stop them from living. With hypnosis they have the tools they need to create the best version of themselves for any situation at any time.

Hypnosis for public speaking does it work Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Abroad? Yes – I work locally and internationally with clients in the office, at their home and online for happy, successful confident speakers everywhere.

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