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Choosing Mind-Based Therapy for Children


Choosing Mind-Based Therapies for Children A Healthier Alternative to Prescription Drugs In recent years, there has been an increasing concern about the rising use of psychiatric drugs for children. This trend raises several crucial questions about the motivations behind these prescriptions and their potential impact on young minds. Here's a breakdown of the key [...]

Choosing Mind-Based Therapy for Children2023-11-15T14:23:59-05:00

What Is Hypnosis Used For


Unlocking Potential: A Guide to the Power of Hypnotherapy Understanding the Science and Applications of Hypnotic Healing Introduction to Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy is a scientifically recognized practice that facilitates a heightened state of awareness. During this state, the mind becomes more open to transformative suggestions. What Exactly Is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy involves entering a trance-like [...]

What Is Hypnosis Used For2023-12-18T03:08:27-05:00

Reasons to Try Hypnosis


Discover the Transformative Power of Hypnosis Three Compelling Reasons to Explore Your Mind Hypnosis has long fascinated humanity, offering a gateway to deeper self-understanding and well-being. While often associated with habits like weight loss or smoking cessation, its benefits are far-reaching, impacting individuals at a profound level. Studies suggest that hypnotherapy can play [...]

Reasons to Try Hypnosis2023-11-04T17:24:17-04:00

50% of Your Memory is Not Real


How You Make Memories The Emotional Factors and How Hypnotherapy Can Help Navigating the Complex World of Memory and Emotion Through Hypnotherapy Welcome to this comprehensive guide exploring the relationship between emotions, memory, and hypnotherapy. Whether you're someone interested in understanding how your past shapes your present or [...]

50% of Your Memory is Not Real2023-09-25T04:19:25-04:00

Hypnosis – not a magic pill


Understanding Hypnosis A Clear Look at Its Therapeutic Role Hypnosis often comes wrapped in a veil of mystery, sometimes hyped as a cure-all in pop culture, but it's crucial to separate fact from fiction. Let’s take a science-backed look at what hypnosis really is and what it can achieve in a therapeutic context. Hypnosis [...]

Hypnosis – not a magic pill2023-11-04T17:45:16-04:00

3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage


3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage Is your marriage in need of repair? Here are 3 simple ways to strengthen your marriage and get the most from your partner. Are you worried about the fate of your marriage? Do you and your partner argue frequently? Does your partner seem to ignore your ambitions, [...]

3 Ways to Improve Your Marriage2023-11-06T02:48:44-05:00

Why Past Life Regression Will Make You Question Everything


Why Past Life Regression Will Make You Question Everything Ever feel like you've lived before? Past life regression is a hypnotherapy technique that explores such feelings, potentially revealing insights into your present-day life. With past life regression you can discover patterns in your subconscious that may be influencing [...]

Why Past Life Regression Will Make You Question Everything2023-11-09T13:46:39-05:00

The Secret to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking


How to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking Joe Crushed His Fear of Public Speaking and Presented in Front of 300 Peers April 2018. Joe managed his fear of public speaking by finding every excuse not to do it. But in March 2018, when the CEO of [...]

The Secret to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking2023-11-06T03:01:25-05:00

Learn The Truth About Weight Loss


Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss: Separating Fact from Fiction The journey towards weight loss is often littered with fad diets, quick-fix pills, and flashy exercise routines. Amidst this noise, hypnotherapy stands out as a unique approach to weight management. But what's the real story behind hypnotherapy and weight loss? Let’s look into the science, [...]

Learn The Truth About Weight Loss2023-11-06T04:12:28-05:00

What really happens when you see a hypnotist


Why you NEED to have a consultation first and more... Get the quick facts about what really happens at UAE Hypnosis. What is it like to be in Hypnosis? The only way to really understand hypnosis is to experience it for yourself. Hypnosis can’t possibly be understood [...]

What really happens when you see a hypnotist2020-05-05T15:04:13-04:00