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Affordable hypnotherapy for everyone.

Hypnosis Session Prices

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Is the cost of hypnotherapy covered by insurance?

Working with Clients in UAE & Abroad

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All sessions are approximately 90-120 minutes.

Our exceptional success rate sets us apart from other hypnotherapy centers in the UAE. Because our skills, experience and techniques give your mind and body the opportunity to heal, innovate and grow, you can succeed in any area of life. We are committed to change your life for the better in mind, body and spirit. When you work with UAE Hypnosis in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or globally online, rest assured we guarantee your satisfaction. We treat every individual with the respect of being unique. We understand each person has their own goals, issues, background, beliefs and experiences when seeking hypnotherapy. Because of this most of our clients choose to create a customized plan with their therapist. We do not give every person the same scripted session and our therapist sole focus is hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

* Please note, we require everyone to start with a no cost consultation before starting hypnotherapy sessions. *Consultations are held as a free 20 minute talk between the hours of 4pm and 10pm 7 days a week from your phone, tablet or computer.

Our clients benefit from:

Hypnotherapy to improve health and energy; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to master communication and confidence; Coaching to help turn your dreams into reality, 90 minute sessions; Fast and effective life-long results, 100% confidentiality; Superior support – Email your therapist at anytime with questions; Audio Support – Self-hypnosis audios to accelerate your success.

We get right to the root cause of your presenting concern. Whether you have an addiction, anxiety, weight management issues or goals you want to achieve, we are here to help. With the experience of our founder and Hypnotherapist, Mr. Adrian Rusin, we have created hypnotherapy solutions to meet the needs of individuals at any stage in life.  Our goal is to assist people in taking charge of their life by learning, understanding and implementing the power of their own mind using the tools of hypnosis.

Payment Policy

Payment for hypnotherapy sessions need to be made 24 hours prior to the first appointment. Clients can pay online via card or direct bank transfer.

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Is Hypnotherapy Covered by Health Insurance?

The cost of hypnotherapy may be covered by your health insurance provider depending upon the terms of the insurance policy. In most cases however, most medical insurance policies are not covering the costs. We can provide a receipt to clients for applicable reimbursements. When paying for your hypnotherapy treatment the cost will be made clear and confirmed in writing via your intake form prior to the start of the session.

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