Past Life Regression

Open to the higher realms to create
extraordinary opportunities today.

Transform your energy and power with past life memories,
discover your life purpose, tap creativity, healing and explore. 

Past Life Regression In Dubai with Adrian Rusin

What can you do with Past Life Regression?

  • Find out the root cause of current physical, emotional or mental issues
  • Release negative karmic patterns
  • Overcome current suffering from past trauma
  • Overcome current fears, phobias and obstacles
  • Understand your relationships
  • Have a better viewpoint on your current life
  • Remember and tap into innate talents and abilities you may have
  • Rediscover friends and soul mates from prior lives
  • Better understand the issues in your life

Past lives, karma and dharma don’t need to be mystical—this is all simple logic.
It’s about the past programming of your subconscious.

How can past life therapy help you?

Understanding Past Life Regression with Adrian Rusin – Regression Therapy Expert in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

In my 20 years as a hypnotherapist specializing in regression therapy, I understand the skepticism that people face when first learning about past lives and past life regression. It may be difficult for some people to comprehend the possibility that they have lived one or many lifetimes. It’s healthy to have that skepticism and I must admit I had my reservations when initially introduced to the idea. However, when one of my first clients unintentionally jumped into a past life during a hypnotherapy session, my perspective on life, death and everything in between forever changed.

Each client that I guide into a past life quickly learns that life is so much more than the physical body. Life is about purpose and our souls carry karma, lessons and incredible knowledge.

Thoughts, events and decisions made in a past life certainly impact a person in their current life. A past life regression can bring enlightening insight to a person, so they know what decisions to make in their current life to move forward with certainty, freedom and ease.

Many clients finally release the grief of a past life and in doing so are able to overcome the anxiety in their current life. When one experiences going from birth to death in another life, as another person they often lose their fear of death. Recognizing that consciousness continues brings a tremendous sense of peace to everyone.

Recognizing loved ones from the past and seeing how relationships of yesterday reflect in today’s life is always a big awakening. People see themselves as man, woman, child, adult, Christian, Jew and Muslim. They see themselves healthy, sick, prosperous and poor and as every personality imaginable.

Past life regression will help one understand their current relationship with themselves and with others. People often are able to understand their purpose in their current life and what lessons need to be learned to move forward in their soul’s personal evolution. Hypnosis and past life regression are a direct path to the reality of spirit. Once this process is experienced, a person is forever changed.

I welcome you to this mystical therapeutic work and invite you to explore the true nature of your spirit and reality with regression work.

Past Life Regression expert in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Woman in Dubai having Past Life Regression Consultation

How To Get Started

Start with a consultation, meet your therapist, Adrian Rusin, clinical, medical support hypnotherapist and regression therapy expert.  Discuss your goals for past life regression. Learn how past life regression works and how it can create change for you.

Your subconscious mind knows everything that you need to know. Your past and future and where you are going. The deep answers you seek to your most important questions are stored inside your subconscious and super-conscious mind.

There are many healing benefits from a past-life regression hypnosis session, whether you believe in past lives, or not. In past life regression hypnosis sessions clients have overcome fears, stress, worry, unexplained pain, and ailments by recalling their past lives. Clients have discovered that past lives provide vital clues about their life purpose for today. With the help of hypnosis, you can unveil imperative information about your past lives in a safe and peaceful way.

How Past Life Regression works.

The first step of a past life regression is for you to understand and learn hypnosis. To experience a past life regression you must first understand how to go into hypnosis, this may take some practice with your therapist. When you are able to achieve a proper state of hypnosis, your therapist Mr. Rusin will guide you to recall the right past life experience. To get you to the past life you want to explore you will state the intention or issue you want to work on in your current life. You will get to your past life by bridging back in time, metaphorically. By passing under an ancient stone archway which acts as time portal to the past. Soon after you will arrive in your past life and together we will explore the significant events and emotions. You will witness the transition out of that life, and be guided to your super-conscious mind to analyze the information. You will gain insights and be able to choose the appropriate actions to clear any karma to free yourself of that life’s influence.

What is a Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a powerful process that allows people to gently heal emotional and physical issues, to become deeply empowered for life transformation. People often seek to explore their past lives when they are making big decisions, understanding their life purpose or want to resolve emotional or health issues. Past life regression is a hugely transformative experience where you explore your peak past life or lives to receive clear, descriptive answers to questions from your super-conscious mind and higher self.

Experience a Past Life Regression to make better decisions about situations in this lifetime. You’ll be able to better resolve emotional and health issues, understand your life purpose and the events that surround you today.

Why Past Life exploration is worthwhile.

  • You co-create your reality and experience
  • You have free will and unlimited potential
  • Your Karma creates your reality
  • You can experience multiple incarnations for evolution
  • What you are conscious of, you can change

By revisiting the past with hypnosis, you are able to understand how today’s challenges were handled in other lives. Re-living and re-experiencing allows you to know the truth so you can really transform.

What to expect in a Past Life Regression session.

Past Life Regression requires you to go into hypnosis. With your Past Life Regression session, your therapist, Mr. Adrian Rusin will begin by working with you to understand and learn how hypnosis works so you can achieve a hypnotic state for the Past Life Regression to occur. Many people are able to achieve a hypnotic state quite easily, for others this process may need time and practice. Next you will talk about your life, if you are facing any issues or wanting to achieve any goals. These two portions of the session are vital as it gives you the training you need to go into hypnosis and Mr. Rusin the information needed to guide you through your journey correctly.

It is very important to understand that Past Life Regression is not typically an experience one can achieve in a single 60 or 90 minute session. It is easy to find other hypnotherapists selling you a one session promise, but this is not reality and should be considered unethical to promote. The question to ask your therapist is – “Can you teach me how to go into hypnosis first?”  Hypnosis is a natural state that you own yourself, it’s not something that just happens to you. Hypnosis is a skill that requires practice. Once you learn it and understand it, you have it to access for your whole life, for whatever purpose you want. You will learn how to go into hypnosis in your first session.

Hypnosis is a natural state that you own yourself, it’s NOT something that just happens to you. You are always completely in control.

The next step is the actual regression into your past life. This is typically in your second session. With the guidance of Mr. Rusin you will be guided into hypnosis, a relaxed and focused state of awareness. You are never unconscious or sleeping (this is a major misconception) you are always conscious, aware and in control. You will experience your inner journey by moving your focus away from everything around you. You will experience a quiet, peaceful journey into your inner most wise self. Each session is guided by universal consciousness, a part of us all that we share. You will be guided in a way that is most appropriate for you to see and know all your specific answers for that part of your life.

Images, feelings and intuition will become present to you. It does not matter how insignificant some images or messages seem, don’t disregard them as they are part of what you need to know. Never be concerned if what you see, feel, hear, and sense is real. Just go with the flow.

Each person has a different experience. Some people see visions, others “just know”, some people feel and others hear. After you are guided through a few peak past lives, you will be guided to connect and converse with your higher self so you can ask for guidance, and have your questions answered. You can also ask for healing and advice.

Your mind holds the wisdom to guide you to a happy, healthy, abundant life. Your body takes commands from the mind and can heal in miraculous ways, if you allow it. We can use the power of your subconscious and super-conscious mind to overcome your discomforts. After you are guided out of hypnosis we will spend time talking about the experience and how it impacted you. It is encouraged to bring a journal so you can write down any important information you may receive during your session.

All you need is an open mind and the intention to heal and achieve your goals.

How to prepare for your session.

It is best to write down a list of questions you may have. You can ask for guidance, answers, healing…. whatever suites your needs. Please include any health issues or goals you have. Come with an open mind and the intention to heal and release that which does not serve you any longer.

The power of the super-conscious mind and universal wisdom is phenomenal and miraculous. We witness and experience the miracle of the mind daily and enjoy proving a trusted, comfortable & expert place where others can experience it as well.

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