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The latest science has evolved our way of understanding and working with depression that enables all people to create the reality they choose. We guide you to a complete understanding and working of the human mind, brain and body. Hypno therapy and depression therapy Dubai unites the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, hypnosis, psychology and genetics to make real change possible.

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“My clients get better using hypnotherapy as it helps them to make their own natural antidepressants. I offer a path to follow without pills, a safe and proper depression treatment in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.”

-Adrian Rusin

As Harvard Psychologist Irving Kirsch, Ph.D. explains in his research – placebo effects, antidepressants, hypnosis, and suggestion work to overcome depression, anxiety and help to decrease pain equal to or better than dangerous drugs.

treating depression without drugs

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For those with depression in Dubai, therapy can help.

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I really have no words for this hypnosis experience. There is such a strong feeling of freedom overwhelming me. This is something everyone should experience.

Beth, Abu Dhabi

Adrian showed me that forgiveness was my personal key to moving beyond my depression – I had to forgive myself and I had to forgive some others. Once I did this from the right state of mind life improved.

Christian, UK

Now I see that I really do have a purpose and the source I connected with in hypnosis showed me what it is I need to do. I needed a new sense of direction to overcome my negative life and Adrian helped me find it.

Martin, Abu Dhabi

I’m so glad I found Adrian and and his hypnotherapy sessions. I’m learning so much! I finally found the explanation to my depression and in one month have recreated a better state of mind.”

Noor, Dubai

How hypnosis helps with depression

Healing from depression is about adjusting consciousness not biology.

Take control of your thoughts for a happier life.
Wake up with energy, ready to take on the day.
Eliminate the negative emotions you are addicted to.
Reprogram the mind and feel pleasure again.

Doctors and researchers are proving that our bodies are able to create healing chemicals that defend us from pain, boost immunity, induce restful sleep and help us to feel pleasure.

Trying to make change at the conscious level is a long, tedious, ineffective process.

To make real, lasting change is to go to the root of self.

Transformation of habits, health, mood, behaviors, beliefs, perceptions, programs and patterns takes place in the subconscious realm, where implicit systems reside.

It’s being shown that even if the gene that tells our body to make these chemicals turns off – because of some stress in the body – it’s possible to turn the gene back on with hypnosis. Because the body already has the blueprint and directions of a healthy, balanced body in our DNA – with our depression counselling Dubai and depression treatment Dubai we use hypno therapy to tell the body to turn those helpful genes back on.

The latest research shows that when a person continues to take depression or anxiety medication the brain learns and memorizes how the substance works and how it effects the body. The brain does this by making specific neural networks that the body responds to. So, like the placebo effect, a person can use hypnosis to spark the memory of the drugs effect. The subconscious program that is accessed via hypnosis can be reprogrammed to allow the brain to signal the body in the right way to release the proper chemicals for health and happiness naturally without pills.

With the knowledge we have on the mind and brain we know that your experiences are created by your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. Therefore, your health is also being determined by these key factors. To make it simple – Your body makes and releases chemicals into the body creating specific events and feelings to occur based upon the thoughts you think. This is a natural process that exists in the body rooting from the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is tool to easily access the subconscious mind so you can create the right programming for healing to occur.

Your belief is how hypnosis will help you to overcome depression. A great example of this is when you have a headache. A doctor suggests if you take an Aspirin your headache will go away. Because an authority figure in a high stress situation gave you a suggestion, your subconscious mind automatically believed and stored the statement as a definite truth. At that moment you created a program in your subconscious mind for your body to run from. So now every time you have a headache you believe when you take the Aspirin your headache will go away, and so it does. And now because your body has learned what to do what it takes the “White Pill” it sets off a chemical release in the body to make your headache go away. This means when you take a sugar pill that looks identical to the Aspirin, your headache will go away. It’s the belief that you took the Aspirin that induces the chemical reaction in the brain, not the actual pill itself. This means that your mind is powerful and that because it makes these chemicals naturally in your body to alleviate pain and stop depression, you don’t need to take harmful medications to activate the chemical release. You can program your subconscious mind to naturally release the chemicals into your body.

We also address the root cause of the depression so that the truth is understood. The true cause of the clients personal depression can sometimes come as a surprise to them. One can not heal himself consciously in the analytical mind when all the healing processes occur in the subconscious mind. When accessing the subconscious mind, you are able to fully understand why you are depressed in the first place. But we don’t leave you hanging on the truth. We guide you through the events, help you to release and reprogram them so that they don’t effect you anymore.

Your beliefs are creating your life

Everything you experience today was programmed from a past event in which you formed a belief around.  You respond to your environment in a certain way according to the beliefs stored in your subconscious mind. Your true nature is a state of grace, love, forgiveness, joy and creativity. If you are not in one of these states you are running off a program. When you are upset, angry, frustrated, or stuck you are not in your true nature. That is the moment to stop blaming your kids, partner, parents, boss, country, government, neighbor, etc. Nothing outside of you creates how you feel unless it has a physical contact with you. There is a misconception in society and often we hear things like “you make me feel” ”you hurt me” “because of you I…” – these statements are wrong. The way you think (beliefs) creates how you feel. The quality of your emotions are revealing to you the quality of your thoughts (beliefs). The work that needs to be done is to understand and identify your core beliefs that are creating today’s experience. If you want to create a new experience, achieve new goals, and enjoy a healthier life you have to identify and change the beliefs that don’t serve you.

It’s known that the energy from thoughts and feelings stimulates chemical reactions in the body, releasing certain hormones. This creates a thinking feeling cycle in the body. It’s like a continuous cycle of survival based living. This is very stressful to the body and mind. Being in survival mode consumes energy from the field around the body. This reduces the energy field and you start to form feelings of separation from source. Separation from source is the leading cause of physical and mental illness.

Redefine Your Beliefs & Perceptions

Understand the true power of your mind

The truth and knowledge you are seeking is inside and all around you in the subconscious and superconscious realm of the unified field. You have the ability to transform any situation by changing your beliefs and perceptions, emotions and expectations. By refocusing your awareness and consciously choosing your thoughts to support a desired outcome, you alter the frequency at which you transmit information to the unified field, thus attracting to you a new possible result.

Understanding and welcoming that everything, including your beliefs and perceptions, is based on energy and frequency,  is key to creating your ideal life. No matter what your goals are, it’s your beliefs and perceptions that create the essential foundation for all of your experiences.

What is a belief?

A belief is an idea that you decide or accept from others in certain situations during a significant event, it is the narrative of what happened in that event. Beliefs are conclusions and understandings that you make about reality and are developed from your interpretation of reality. They accumulate over time and are how you form a notion of who you are in relation to your world. They are the subconscious programs that you have become and from which you have constructed your life. Beliefs are there to be right.

What is a perception?

When you link together a set of associated beliefs. Perceptions are how you evaluate yourself, a situation, other people etc. In the end perceptions turn around and become about your identity, about who you are in relation to your environment. Examples of perception are – how powerful, capable and lovable you perceive yourself to be. Perceptions are constantly running in the background.

Your beliefs are subconscious states of being that are implicit by nature. You may wonder why it is you believe something in a particular way. You may ask where did this belief come from? Your perceptions are how you instinctively see things and they become your subconscious view of reality from past events – all happening at an unconscious level that you are unaware of. Your subconscious mind is forever tracking your past, present and future while you go about your normal daily life. All the thoughts and emotions experienced are processed directly by the mind and broadcast to the unified field creating your destiny. New science is rediscovering what the ancients already knew, that we don’t see reality correctly.  We create our reality based on past memories and our perceptions become implicit and automatic in the subconscious mind so that we unconsciously alter reality. The choices you make in your life today are created by what you believe to be possible.

The more you are aware of the programs running in your subconscious, the easier it will be to create what you want. You must decide what it is you want and be as distinct and vivid as possible about it. If you deem you have no power over your life and experiences, this is a belief and understanding you have made with yourself and the nature of reality.

Your beliefs create the blueprint for how you intend to build and organize your life. It is your responsibility to be in charge of your life in order to be on the path toward directing the energy of existence.

Hypnosis is a way out of depression and back to a normal, happy, balanced life.

Adrian Rusin

Training & Programming the Mind

Now you can take total control of your reality as you actively step into the present moment with a new set of instructions. Where once your mind wandered, drifted and obeyed the programming of your past. Today you train your mind to run off the new programming you choose for a better life. You no longer are fixed to a path of survival and negative circumstance.

What You’ll Learn:

Train your mind and brain to create new experiences in a healthier body with new behaviors.
Understand the importance of elevated emotions.
How to use self-hypnosis to maintain your new life and to keep evolving.
How to become present and what to do once you’re aware.

In addition to your one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, you’ll also learn self-hypnosis as a skill you can use for life. You’ll receive self-hypnosis audios in between your sessions to help you progress. We know from observation and experience that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which is to be practiced. Much like playing an instrument or exercise, the more you do self-hypnosis, the better you get at it. Five minutes a day is better than no minutes a day. You’ll experience more synchronicities, joy, energy and health and you’ll quickly achieve your goals and resolve any problem.

Hypnotherapy for Depression – Did You Know?

Depression is a common mental disorder. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide. Today, more women are affected by depression than men and globally, an estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression. There are effective treatments for depression and hypnosis can quickly get to the root cause to overcome it for good. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.  It is a persistent state of mind harming a person’s thoughts and behaviors and can negatively affect a person’s daily activities and physical health.

Depression is known to be a normal coping mechanism that millions of people experience each year. Sometimes depression is a sudden instant feeling and other times it is something that has built of over many years to deal with such things as trauma. However, some people don’t know what is causing them to feel depressed. Depression may be triggered by different events or situations and varies for each person. Difficulties like addictions, health issues, sexual dysfunction, grief, body image, work and business, unhealthy relationships, fears and phobias and family problems can all initiate depression or exacerbate the negative feelings of an already depressed person.

People with depression often feel one or more of the following:

Depressed mood which can last the majority of the day, every day of the week.
Decreased interest in activities that used to bring him/her pleasure.
Increase or decrease in appetite and weight.
Difficulty sleeping, falling asleep or waking up too early every day and night.
Constant state of agitation and feeling slowed down.
Decrease in energy every day.
Not able to focus, or make decisions almost every day.
Overwhelming feeling of guilt and not worthy or loved.
Regular suicidal thoughts and/or self-harm, a plan for suicide, or actual attempts.

Using hypnosis to overcome your depression is your best investment as we help you understand the negative feelings ailing you by addressing the root cause. finally, you can be in control.

Depression Treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi – We Can Help.

Hypnotherapy for depression provides hope to those looking to feel better and start a healthier happier life. We provide a supportive environment for each person to work through their difficulties and to find the root cause of the depressed feelings. We can help by providing skills and strategies to release old negative limiting beliefs and change them into positive more beneficial ones.

With hypnotherapy depression treatment or any other alternative approach to a medical issue, it’s important to let your doctor know of your plans. If you feel any pain or discomfort you must seek medical attention first and foremost! A reputable hypnotherapist will always ask if you’ve seen a doctor and what his diagnosis are regarding any conditions you may have. If your hypnotherapist is not looking for medical opinion before agreeing to work with you, consider yourself in the hands of a person who does not have your best interest in mind and that is not operating professionally.

We like to work in conjunction with the medical community (Depression counselling Dubai and Abu Dhabi) (Depression treatment Dubai and Abu Dhabi) to make sure clients have a fully balanced lifestyle, in mind, body and spirit.

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