50% of Your Memory is Not Real

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When you have strong emotions in life linked to high stress events like disloyalty, infidelity, shock, pain or suffering you create a specific chemistry in your body, and you trick your mind into focusing on the significance of your outside world.

You capture the high emotion event in your mind and create a new belief. From there your brain creates and stores a memory of the event. You have now neurologically formed a long-term memory of that high emotional event.

High emotional events create long term memories in the brain.

This long-term memory becomes a program that you now run your life from. You begin to live your entire life based on your perception of a past event, and the chemical reaction of emotions that your body creates. In a way, you’re stuck in the past because you are continually living in the past. Your daily routine is predictable, and you anticipate and fear negative experiences.

We know that how you think and how you feel creates your experience. So, when you keep reacting the same way to similar events in your life, you keep creating the same chemical reaction in your body which alters the body and brain. After days and weeks of repeated emotional reactions you form a strong network of neurons in the brain that keep firing and wiring to give you the same experience over and over again.

Then you wake up in the morning and because you have trained your body to live in the past you unconsciously seek out that negative emotion; pain, depression, sadness, anger, resentment… and you consume yourself with this emotion for weeks, months and years until it becomes your personality. You become depressed. You become sad. You become angry. You become frustrated.

You have simply, and unknowingly created your life by living from a past memory.

Science now tells us that about 50% of our memories are not even real or accurate: Check out the study here
This means that most people are living their life based on programmed memories that are not accurate just to confirm that they are unable to change.

Good news is you can change. The same way you built up that old, false, negative memory you can build a new memory and run your life on your own terms. You can prune away the neural network in your brain that keeps firing and wiring for you to experience depression, sadness, grief, anger and frustration. With hypnotherapy you can build new neural networks in your brain to create new, more positive experiences. With hypnotherapy you literally create a new personality so you can enjoy a new personal reality.


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